Publish An Updated List Of CPT Modifiers To Aid With Medical Claims

An updated list of CPT Modifiers has been published by

A new list of medical modifiers has been published by and can be seen here: These alphanumeric codes are used especially when making medical claims. They provide information about which medical, diagnostic or surgical services have been performed, in what quantities, and of what nature. Patients should find the list useful when dealing with medical practitioners and legal documents.

There have been multiple updates to the list, including modifier codes 25, 51 and professional and technical modifiers TC and 26. The newly added CPT modifier 59 deals with multiple procedures accurately. Under this code, a procedure of bilateral and quantitative screening is conducted. Another added update is emergency code 99283, 99284, 99285 which covers emergency visit for evaluation and management services. It also effects the procedure of supervising patients with the provision of hyperbaric oxygen therapy organized into individual sessions.

Another section that was added covers visual function and acuity screening services. There are two CPT codes that are associated with screening of visual faculties. These are CPT codes 99172 and 99173. The list also mentions that if the services under CPT codes 99172 and 99173 are provided for a member who is over 22 years old, they are included in the Preventive Medicine Services and are not separately reimbursed. explain that CPT Modifiers codes covers the work provided by various medical professionals. This can be supervision or simply being in the presence of a patient. Any and every code must be supported by proper documentation. Hospice Modifier GV, GW and GY would tell the difference in service provided in Hospice and not included in Hospice. Should therapy under this code continue for two months or more, the proper documentation must be provided to complement the claim. It is also mentioned that claims are reviewed on a case by case basis. In addition to that, Foot, Knee Hand Modifiers too list here and could find F1 – F7 and T1 to T9.


Medical Billing CPT Modifiers is a website that provides examples of procedure codes. They list all the modifier codes which are used in medical billing. In addition to that, patients and professionals can find information on how to use the correct modifiers for emergencies, surgery, radiology and other medical services.

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