Media Freeware Launches Cost Of Living Calculator For States Throughout The US

Media Freeware has created a simple and elegant tool for revealing the cost of living in a new location relative to each individual’s real life circumstances.

The cost of living varies wildly throughout the major cities of all the major states of America, and as more and more people find their financial situation changing fluidly, there is an increased interest in finding the best location for the best standard of living relative to income. Finding this information in an easily absorbable format however has been next to impossible, with statistics all being created independently of one another. Media Freeware has solved this problem with a cost of living calculator that puts this information into a comprehensible format.

The Cost of Living Calculator asks individuals what state they are living in now and what is their nearest city, as well as their annual income. It then asks what state and city the user would like to live near.

With this information, it then calculates the comparable salary tabulated against the cost of living, which is then broken down into relative expenses, explaining if groceries, health care, utilities, transportation and housing- whether they are higher or lower and by what percentage.

The software is freely available to download from the Media Freeware website and from major resource centers like CNET, and can be downloaded, installed and running in moments.

A spokesperson for Media Freeware explained, “The cost of living calculator has been designed to codify the vast amount of statistical information there is on cost of living variables throughout the US, collating them into a format that only displays the information people need not in its pure form but it its relative form: telling people how much cheaper or more expensive somewhere is in relation to where they already are. This optimizes the way people interact with the information and makes it more immediately useful and understandable, helping to inform and influence people’s decisions. It would have taken a degree in statistics for someone to do this before our software.”

About Media Freeware:
Media Freeware develop high quality, free to use software solutions free for use in solving a wide variety of everyday problems and challenges. The company is always working to develop new programs and software and release them via prominent resource centers including CNET and SoftPedia. Their products are always spyware, adware and malware free. Their latest product is a Cost of Living Calculator.

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