Media Freeware Creates Auto Loan Calculator To Help Users See True Cost Of Car Loans

Media Freeware has launched an Auto Loan Calculator that allows individuals to see the true cost of buying a new car based on the terms of their loan.

Automobiles are still the most popular method of transport for the vast majority of people owing to their individual and varied nature. They come in the form of nimble traffic dodging bikes, comfortable cars, logistical vans and multipurpose trucks. The one unifying factor about all of these is that it is difficult to impossible to buy one outright for all but the wealthiest, leaving most relying on finance. The best finance deal can make a significant difference to buyers, and ensuring they get it is now the mission of Media Freeware, who has created an Auto Loan Calculator.

The Auto Loan Calculator is free to download and comes with an unlimited usage license that allows individuals to compare as many loans as they like. The software can be found on the Media Freeware homepage or on major resource centers like CNET and Softpedia. It takes just seconds to download and moments to install, giving users the answers they seek in minutes.

The calculator asks for the date of the first payment, the vehicle price, down payment, trade in value, sales tax and interest rate and term in months to determine the monthly payment, total amount and payoff date.

A spokesperson for Media Freeware explained, “The Auto Loan Calculator is a great, fast, easy and free way for individuals to take control of their financial situation before it gets out of hand by simply inputting the data they have to see the true cost of the loan in terms of its monthly impact, the payoff date and the amount of interest paid on the loan. This allows individuals to quickly and easily way up the financing options offered by different dealers and get themselves the best deal, which may not depend as entirely on trade in price as some people may think.”

About Media Freeware:
Media Freeware is a company created by software developers to provide simple and elegant solutions to everyday problems. Its software is freely available through its own website as well as through major resource centers like CNET. Dedicated to building free and robust programs and apps, ranging from virtual pianos to webcam recorders, their latest release is a free Auto Loan calculator.

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