Medgaus Dental Provides Long Lasting, Natural-Looking Dental Restorations

Monroeville and Pittsburgh dentist, Dr. Carl Medgaus, implements the most advanced options for cosmetic restorations.

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — Dr. Carl Medgaus and his dental team at Medgaus Dental Care offer patients dental restorations that are longer-lasting and more natural-looking than ever. These modern treatments have served hundreds of dental patients in Monroeville, Pa., and Pittsburgh. Patients  have the chance to receive natural, long-lasting restorations made from porcelain or all-ceramic materials.

Modern Restoration Choices

Veneers, crowns, bridges and other dental restorations are stronger and more natural-looking than previous treatments. This is due to a revolution in the dental industry that has improved materials used in Dr. Medgaus’ dental office. The porcelain and ceramic materials offer both superior strength and improved aesthetics for restorative dentistry. These materials can be used independently or with resins, amalgams and gold fillings. These modern methods provide superior quality and unmatched results in restorative dental care.

These modern materials are the perfect union of art and science. The porcelain and ceramic materials are the ideal choices for patients who want to correct chipped or fractured teeth, dental staining and discoloration, small gaps or misalignment of teeth, and outdated metal restorations. Whether a patient needs a simple filling or a complete smile makeover, Medgaus Dental Care is able to provide help through these innovative options.

The Deterioration of Teeth

Dental decay is a prevalent problem. In fact, across the United States, this disease is second only to the common cold. However, plaque and tartar buildup are not the only causes of damaged teeth nationwide. Dental trauma, unnecessary wear and lifestyle choices can contribute to the breakdown and loss of teeth. Once the damage is done, the only way to bring back form and function of the smile is through restorative treatments.

The team of Madgaus Dental Care gives patients easier, quicker and more comfortable dentistry. They provide beautiful, long-lasting restorations so patients can achieve their ideal smile. The restorative treatments  of Madgaus Dental Care blend seamlessly with natural teeth. They are up to three times stronger than restorative materials of the past. Patients who suffer from common oral health issues will find the most comprehensive restorative treatment from Dr. Medgaus. The restoration techniques and materials of Medgaus Dental Care look, feel and function as naturally as possible.

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About Medgaus Dental Care

Dr. Medgaus has provided exceptional dental care for more than 30 years. Through experience and continued education he stays abreast of the most modern methods and technologies in the dental industry. By doing so, he can help patients maintain and improve their smiles. There is nothing stronger than the natural structure of a tooth, but these new materials come close. Because porcelain and ceramic are so versatile, the tooth requires minimal preparation. This move will keep more of the natural structure of one’s smile intact and keeps procedures quick, efficient and nearly pain free.

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