Makes Reviewing Dinner Options a Science

Millions of people worldwide are turning to meal delivery services to feed their families but wonder who should they choose. introduces the first ever rating system for meal delivery services.

Meal Delivery Reviewer (MDR) has recently embarked on a journey to help consumers make the best pick for who will feed them and their families by objectively testing and reviewing meal delivery providers and putting their findings in one place. It’s not an easy task, with new providers of fresh pre-cooked meals seemingly coming out of the woodwork and all of which are touting themselves as the next great thing in food delivery. Not to mention, each meal delivery service adds their own little twist on how to serve the market, making the task of a non-bias review even more difficult.

To accomplish their goal, MDR has developed a proprietary rating system that scores several criteria of each provider to generate an overall score or rating. The system is designed to help the MDR team evaluate components of a service individually and weighs each criteria based on its importance as a part of the whole service offering. For instance, recipes are important but likely not as important as pricing or subscription options, and therefore will have a lower weight.

Meal Delivery Reviewer’s rating system consists of the following 8 criteria.

•   Plans & Pricing (15% weighting) – Likely one of the most important factors in most consumers buying process.

•   Taste (18% weighting) – MDR places the second most weight in the end result of money spent and time invested in cooking a meal.

•   Food Quality (11% weighting) – Looks at the source, quality, and freshness of ingredients delivered.

•   Menu Options (13% weighting) – It’s important for consumers to know what choices they have now and later when choosing what they’ll be eating for dinner.

•   Recipes (9% weighting) – This category digs into the presentation of their recipes and how well they direct the customer in cooking the meal.

•   Additional Services (5% weighting) – Do they offer additional products or services.

•   Customer Experience (10% weighting) – Recommendations from peers in often a great source of reliable information.

•   Chef’s Review (20% weighting) – MDR looks at the service as a whole and providers their expert opinion in this heavily weighted category.

On each and every review, MDR encourages customers to add their comments and to provide a rating of that company by selecting a score from 1 to 10 if they have experience with their product. This customer rating is integrated into the company’s overall rating helping to regulate reviews that may be over or under scored.

MDR’s goal is to give consumers what they’re looking for when they’re reviewing meal delivery companies. Their objective review and rating system is designed to assess the pertinent information of each company especially when it comes to decision making. Each company included on MDR has been reviewed and researched carefully including testing the product in person in most cases. Additionally, MDR crowd sources feedback from real customers to get a broad opinion of each meal delivery provider.

MDR is currently serving reviews for Plated and Green Chef but plans to release several more reviews in the coming months.

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