MAYBOMHANGPHU Introduces a Brand New Series of Water Pumping Machine with Minimum Power Consumption

MAYBOMHANGPHU has added a new version of the water pumping machine to its existing series of the same. This water pump has a very compact and versatile design

MAYBOMHANGPHU has added a feather to its hat by introducing the brand new water pumping machine. These machines are compact and are primarily designed for households. The pumping machines are likely to serve the daily water needs of a smaller family of three to four quite effectively.

Also, as a prominent feature of this pumping machine is its power consumption. The company claims that such a compact device draws minimal power while operating, reducing electricity consumption by a significant margin.

One of the spokespeople said, “Since households demands are way lesser than industrial needs, we have come up with this versatile design that can quite easily fit in the residences and not both the inmates with its presence.”

Thuan Hiep has also launched a series of submersible sewage pumps that are commonly made of stainless steel. They can also be made of cast iron or plastic and offer a built-in floating feature. The floating feature is designed mostly to keep it afloat during floods. Also, the water pump runs off a DC battery system with a potential of 12 - 24 volts.

Last but not least, the company also provides booster pumps, which can be mainly classified into two categories. They are pumps for the whole system or single taps like washing machines, heaters, etc.

To add to this, another spokesperson from Thuan Hiep Thanh co. Ltd. Said that “Our booster pumps function just in the way they are named. There is an automatic booster that enhances the operation of such a water pumping machine. Simultaneously, it has a sensor for detecting temperature too, which automatically stops the functioning of the water pump when it is overheated”.

Additionally, the company has a list of water pumping machines, out of which these three have gained immense popularity among the households. Each of them has unique features that are suitable for a specific purpose, as they are widely used.

About the company:
MAYBOMHANGPHU has been delivering water pumps to its customers for years. It expects to provide effective water usage, reduce unwanted operating noise, and minimize power consumption for every household. With passing days, the company plans to bring in more expensive water pumping machines that will serve the families better.

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