Matter Mattress Publish Countdown Of The Best Mattresses For Back Pain In 2017

Matter Mattress has created a list of the very best mattresses for back pain released on the market in 2017, hand-picked by the editing team, who have personally tested every mattress.

Matter Mattress has completed one of its most comprehensive comparison review processes ever, to deliver a detailed countdown of the best mattresses on the market today for back pain. The site editors have come together to personally test each of the finalists, ranking them according to the same set of variables, to determine the ultimate mattress for the best night’s sleep.

The finalists ( ) have been created by some of the best mattress brands in the world, including Casper, Dynasty, Zinus, Brentwood and more. The new article includes a breakdown of the causes and contributors to back pain, how a change of mattress can help, and a buying guide for consumers purchasing a mattress. Then, finally, it delivers a detailed breakdown of the pros and cons for each item ranked.

These describe the type, the comfort, the best use and the price, as well as giving a summary of the product’s place in the wider market, and how well it delivers on its claims. The pros and cons are then outlined in bullet point form to ensure the content remains simple, transparent and actionable.

The new article also has the final ranking at the very top of the article, so those with little time can see the best mattress, and base their decision on their trust in the comprehensive process undertaken by Matter Mattress.

A spokesperson for Matter Mattress explained, “We are pleased to have published this new and comprehensive comparison article. We understand that back pain affects millions every year, and that a supportive mattress can really speed up recovery and improve sleep. We have also published an article on the best mattress under $1,000 for those that have to remain budget conscious, as part of our continuing mission to provide the most actionable mattress content on the web. We hope this article saves many people a whole lot of back pain.”

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Matter Mattress launched their website in November 2016. Since then, their experienced team of writers and researchers has regularly updated the website with the latest actionable, insightful and impartial reviews of sleep related products. Matter Mattress provides genuine reviews of mattresses, pillows and more, all designed to help people get the ultimate night’s sleep by making an informed consumer decision. For more information please visit:

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