Matt Ritchey Releases New, Free Lifestyle Transformation System To Stop Procrastinating

Lifestyle architect Matt Ritchey has just released a new system to help people stop procrastinating called "Procrastination Blaster", offering the system for free online to help productivity skyrocket.

The only resource we can never get more of is time. Once it is used, it is gone, and that’s why wasting time is anathema to happiness. Many people want to be more productive, to work toward something, but find that they simply don’t know how. Matt Ritchey has addressed this problem with The Procrastination Blaster. It is a system designed to help people attain all the obvious, universal aims like earning more money, success and respect, but also adds an X factor of doing all this while in the pursuit of a happier, more joyful life. The secret to achieving all these things lies in productivity by design, and minimizing time wasted.

In a video entitled how to stop procrastinating Matt personally explains the finer points of the new system, which is now freely available through his website as an introduction to his unique brand of lifestyle architecture. It offers people the first steps to creating a better life, lived deliberately, in pursuit of the things people really want for themselves.

The video lasts fifteen minutes, and exposits the theory that modern society has disconnected instincts in such a way as to dull the natural passion for life that allows people to be successful. This provides a taster for what is to come in the course itself.

A spokesperson for Matt Ritchey explained, “Human beings are unique, and perhaps the driving force behind this uniqueness is that unlike the evolution that drives most other species, we settle not for adequacy, for suitability, but for excellence. But excellence is only possible through passion, and we are taught from an early age to put aside our feelings and like rational thinking govern our choices. Overcoming this conditioning all but eradicates procrastination, and can radically alter people’s lives. That’s what Procrastination Blaster has in store.”

Anyone who wants to learn how to stop procrastinating can watch this video now:

About Matt Ritchey: As a Lifestyle Architect, Matt Ritchey believes in building a life individuals are excited to live, every single day. The foundation for the awesome life everybody wants to live starts today, and it’s only after people take daily consistent action towards their goals and dreams that their greatness is truly realized. Matt helps people from average Joes to high-powered CEOs figure out what they want in life and boldly begin to find it.

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