Initiated A Drive To Introduce Children To Fun Ways Of Learning Maths contains Maths modules, worksheets, games, puzzles and more for grade 1 to 12. Teachers and parents can use the exceptionally resourceful website, to make Maths more like a play with numbers than a boring lesson., an e-Maths portal, has initiated a drive to introduce children to fun ways of dealing with Maths. Interesting worksheets, math games, puzzles, and more encompass the vision of the website.

“Dealing with Maths as a subject at school, has never been easy for children. This innovative online Maths platform is sure to encourage children of all ages to play with numbers, rather than fearing them,” said Ant Lankee, an independent Market Researcher., provides study modules from grade 1 to 12, for children aged 5 to 16 years. The website covers each topic in extensive detail with examples. At the end of each module, the students get to check their knowledge by answering questionnaires. This validates their understanding.

“Every module is very systematic. Suppose you would like to know what is a prime number? You could do an entire module on Numbers. Later, you can take a test on the website, to check your understanding. The process is so simple and easy to follow,” explains Lankee.

Ant Lankee has spent considerable number of years as a market research analyst. is one of Lankee’s current research projects.

“The most intriguing part of the website is its special access to teachers and parents. They can download teacher notes, guides and self-explanatory examples. This is also beneficial for younger children who do not access the internet. They aren’t devoid of fun ways to learn Maths now,” illuminates Lankee.

The website allows teachers and parents to download worksheets, contribute to the website, add citations and use educational games. It further allows them to access the database of the website with the search option.

“You can do a simple search of your doubts as a teacher or parent on Entering keywords such as ‘list of prime numbers’ would reveal the list instantly to you. The website also has incredible tools such as prime number calculator and the like. I enjoy working with this website,” adds a fascinated, Lankee. commenced operations in the year 2000. Ever-since, the website has developed many modules and tools. The recent additions to the website include Calculus, Vectors, Equation Grapher and Smart Blocks to list a few. appears to be a definite, new-age change to regular classroom-study. It is wisely said, pure mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas. This idea is surely logical and fun, both.

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