Announces New Product Line markets a very high quality form of green tea that is ground into fine powder. The product is packed with nutrients and is high in anti-oxidants. is pleased to announce the launch of its new product line. Consuming Matchma promotes detoxification of the body and at the same time provides an energy boost. The metabolism of the body is increased by forty percent, enabling more calories to be burned. Drinking the green tea made from the leaves helps to increase focus, strengthen the immune system and is high in anti-oxidants. Those who have tried the tea, remark on its delicious taste. Its attractive green color is due to the content of chlorophyll.

There are several ways in which Matcha Green Tea Powder can be included in the daily routine. Begin the morning with a matcha boost in tea, lattes and juices for energy. powder can be added to delicious recipes to improve the health level of brunch products. Smoothies made with Matcha recipes help to burn more calories. Bake cookies, cakes and energy balls which boost energy and health.

Matcha is an all-natural and green tea which is very potent. In strength, it is approximately equal to ten cups of regular green tea. It contains ten times the level of energy-providing nutrients and will burn ten times the calories. Matcha is recognized as a fat burner. When consumed daily, the tea helps in the elimination of toxins, heavy metals, poisons, dioxins and hormone disrupters. It boost the metabolism and burn more calories. Consuming the tea increases thermogenesis from 8 to 10 percent to 35 to 43 percent of daily energy expenditure.

Matchami is a Japanese Green Tea which contains all-natural, plant-based caffeine. The type of caffeine in matcha is different from the caffeine in coffee. It is called Theophylline and comes from the plants. The energy which it provides is sustainable and doesn't result in an end-of-day crash. The product line offered by Matchami sells online includes the powder, a whisk and a shaker.

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