Matcha Outlet Gets Accepted By Walmart as Suppliers at Their Website

The Matcha Green Tea Powder specialists will now be selling their products at wholesale prices on Walmart, which is only possible through invitation.

Matcha Outlet is a specialist of matcha green tea powders. The company’s teas are exclusively available for retail customers at wholesale prices. Offering more than 20 different levels and grades of quality when it comes to unflavored matcha, the company sources its products from all the way up to China and Japan. What’s more, Matcha Outlet also provides more than 130 naturally flavored matcha teas.

In recent news, the company has been accepted by Walmart. This will enable Matcha Outlet to offer its products as one of the suppliers at the Walmart website. This is something that can only be done through invitation, which is why it is understandable that this is an achievement for the company. According to the company spokesperson, “This recente achievement is only due to the high standards of quality we maintain. We offer the lowest prices on matcha as we buy directly from farmers’ agent and sell it at wholesale prices to the public.” The company’s #1 product is Starter Matcha. For those that want to try what this is all about, for $13 you get a whole pound, 4 times as much as from other companies. Their #2 product is their take on Starbucks Matcha that sells for only $19.99 per 30 servings. Higher quality, lower price. You can get this for only $0.66 per serving and quit standing in line each morning to pay $5 per cup. As such, it goes without saying that the company is the best source for all kinds of related products as well, including pure matcha and naturally flavored green tea powder.

Matcha Outlet has been in business since 2008. As many are already aware, matcha green tea is one of the superfoods that provides many health benefits including help in weight loss and increase in energy naturally. The product is also known for sharpening mental focus, improving memory, strengthening immune system, as well as keeping the skin healthy and looking younger.

Most important of all, Matcha Outlet is currently offering an exclusive discount for the customers. With the coupon code ASEEN20 the customers can get the Starter Matcha at a reduced price. Needless to say, for tea enthusiasts as well as retailers, this is a highly lucrative opportunity to try a new source of high quality tea products.

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Matcha Outlet specializes in matcha green tea powders, providing wholesale prices to retailers. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois.

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