Mastermind 1 On 1: Helpful Advice Of Nine Successful Online Business People For Marketers

The way to make real progress in any walk of life is to listen to the people who have gone before you. People in Richard Butler’s Mastermind 1 On one not just talk, they share golden nuggets on why they were successful in their field.

People always look for a quick solution to their long term problem. They tried every single way to improve their business, and they encountered failure after failure. They probably even tried launching a product, but it was always "them" who made did that more successfully? After spending years and effort on Internet marketing promises and tools. Richard started to think is there something different about “them”? These guys were not more intelligent, not more business savvy, neither where they luckier than him. He wanted what these people had, and he decided to interview some of the top legends in the online business to achieve his goal.

Mastermind 1 On 1 is a video series compiled by Richard after having interviewed nine experts in 9 weeks to get to the bottom of why they are more successful, what makes them stand out and how they run their business.

What these nine people reveal in Mastermind 1 On 1 video will change the way other marketers think about online business building.

Alex Jeffreys explains exactly what it takes to build a business and how he quickly scaled his business to what it is today.

Erik Stafford has the experience of working in three businesses, deleting customers, lists, and products. Marketers will learn about his journey from "living the dream" which he soon came to hate to finally realize what it was he needed to not only satisfy himself but also be the best for his clients.

Tom Beal is an inspiration to thousands of people. His motto is to make today great and is something he lives by. He explains why people have to fail and what they do next.

Felicia Slattery tells people why it is important to ensure that they are an exceptional public speaker - even if they never take to the stage! No matter what marketer’s business is, they need to listen and learn why speaking is essential!

Stuart Tan is one of Asia's top trainers and motivational speakers. Stuart discusses what stops people succeeding. Stuart talked about strategies for getting over procrastination and moving forward in business.

Miguel De Jesus discovers why so many people procrastinate, why they do not achieve what they want and why they do it.
Reed Floren started in business at the age of 13 and has never had a "proper" job. Reed explains how to run an online business. Reed takes marketers through how he built his online business and the mistakes he made.

Scott Paton is known as the Dean of Blogonomics and Podology, Scott talks about podcasting and Udemy course building to gain authority in marketer’s niche.

Neil Napier: Marketers will discover why Neil decided outsourcing was currently not working and how he tapped into an unknown market and launched his own service.

"I've seen these kinds of offers before, but there was something special about Richard's promise. He not only fulfilled it, he went above and beyond it. These high quality recordings are addictive. You'll want to binge watch these instead of your favorite show." Lara Allen Fabans, an enthusiastic audience of Mastermind 1 On 1 shared.

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