Master Cleanse Results Publishes New Journal Describing Diet Experience and Outcome

In-depth new look at what a typical Master Cleanse dieter experiences will help those contemplating the process get a better idea of what to expect, Master Cleanse Results reports.

Master Cleanse Results, a leading online source of information concerning the popular Master Cleanse Diet, announced the publication of a new journal. Designed to give those considering the diet an idea of what the experience is like, the journal was commissioned as part of the site's efforts to round out its informational offerings. The newly published journal, available at, joins a variety of reviews, guides, and articles which already provide objective, detailed information about the diet and will contribute a more personal, experiential perspective to the site's considerable offerings.

"The Master Cleanse Diet has become an incredibly popular way to lose weight and live better for the long term," company representative Jessica Roberts stated, "and many people wonder what it feels like to commit to it. Our just-published journalistic account of one person's experience will give our visitors an even better idea as to what to expect." With obesity rates around much of the world at historical highs and still climbing, weight loss is a subject of great interest to many. Unfortunately, many people today find that most diets are ineffective to begin with, and those who do succeed in losing weight often put it back on in short order. The Master Cleanse Diet, a fasting-like, 10-day process which focuses on a specially formulated lemonade-like drink that can be made at home, promises to deliver better results and to make those results sustainable for life.

One striking point about the Master Cleanse Diet is the speed and extent of the results that many people who make use of it report. Fasting is considered by most medical professionals to be a safe, natural experience when undertaken carefully, and the Master Cleanse Diet is designed to supplement the notable effects of the process by stimulating dieters' metabolisms further. At the same time, proponents of the diet claim that it contributes to the removal of built-up waste deposits within participants' bodies, resulting in health benefits such as the breaking of sugar addictions. The overall effect, those who support the diet claim, is that dieters experience fast, sustainable weight loss and higher overall energy. Furthermore, the diet, unlike many others, is extremely inexpensive, requiring only the purchase of such common items as lemons and filtered water.

"One of the striking things about the Master Cleanse Diet is how accessible and easy to stick to it is," Roberts continued, "and, in fact, that's a big part of why it has become so popular. The new journal available on our site will help to enlighten and encourage people who might otherwise feel like a fasting-based diet would be impossible for them to succeed with." Master Cleanse Results offers a wide variety of resources for those interested in this popular diet, including the Internet's widest selection of Master Cleanse reviews and testimonials. The site also offers links to recommended external resources, such as a popular Master Cleanse downloadable PDF. The newly published journal is linked prominently from the site's main page.

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