Massage Tools Sees Increase in Sales As Massage Therapy Gains Credibility

Medical studies validates massage therapy as valid treatment for many ailments resulting in an increase in sales for Massage Tools.

While some may consider massage a treat and a pampering of the senses, others beg to differ. According to studies released in the last couple of years, massage is showing very tangible, positive results in patients suffering from various conditions. Studies show it improves the immune system in breast cancer patients, improves the symptoms of children suffering from asthma, and increases the strength of the grip in those who have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Even the youngest patients, premature babies have been given massages and seen increased ability to gain weight as the result of the massages.

Because of study results pointing to massage as a verifiable treatment for medical issues, increased attention is being paid to the profession of massage therapists, says Christian Peacox, spokesperson for Massage Tools, a supply company for massage therapists and home massage enthusiasts. Says Peacox, "While most insurance companies still don't cover massage on their policies, more doctors are recommending it to their patients as a form of pain management, relaxation and increased range of motion in arthritis-stricken patients. We've seen an increase in the number of clients requesting massage tables for both their spas and for use in carry out situations. Enrollment is up in massage schools and the field as a whole is a booming one."

In fact, the Occupational Outlook Handbook lists Massage Therapist's outlook for years 2010-2020 as expected to grow by 20% or "Faster than average". Says Peacox, "Swedish massage is certainly the most popular form of massage in existence today, but today's massage therapist is also well versed in aromatherapy, facial massage therapy, including facial steamers, electric massage tables, and various other relaxation techniques and tools. A full-fledged spa may have more accouterments than a small, work from home business or a portable on the go massage company who may start out small and work their way up. It's our goal to understand the needs of our professional customers in the Spa, Salon, Day Spa and Massage Industries, regardless of the size of their business."

Peacox concludes, "At Massage Tools, we carry Earthlite, Oakworks, Custom Craftworks, Stronglite, Living Earth Crafts and Comfort Soul spa tables, massage tables, chairs and many other products for professionals, while promoting the benefits of massage therapy and other natural forms of healing, offering aromatherapy, tools and tips for the home user. Massage has finally gained the recognition it's deserved for so many years and we are excited to see the growth in the industry exploding the way it is now."

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Opened in 2005, Massage Tools is owned and operated by professional massage therapists and business people. Their mission is to help their customers by providing information, tools, and tips to reduce stress and enhance their well-being. They also promote the benefits of regular massage in addition to the tools and tips provided.

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