Massage Creams From Real Body Works Offer All Natural Ingredients

Massage creams are an integral part of the massage experience for customers and practitioners. Santa Barbara cream is an all natural lubricant which combines the benefits of olive oil and healing power of essential oils.

Massage creams at Real Body Works are specifically designed for deep tissue massage styles and techniques. The cream allows for resistance to permit the therapist to reach the deepest layers of tissues. The feel of the cream is both luxurious and smooth, so it can also be used on lighter Swedish style massage sessions. There is no oily feel to clients' skin at the close of the massage session since only a very small amount of the product is required.

The essential oils which provide the scents and other benefits are also known for their other effects. Four high quality natural essential oils are provided by the manufacturers. Lavender is a balancing oil with soothing and calming effects. The product slows wrinkle formation and helps to prevent scar tissue. Lavender is also known to relieve muscle pain and headaches.

Eucalyptus essential oil has stimulating benefits. The cream is invigorating and refreshing, with the ability to eliminate fatigue and tension. Ylang Ylang/Orange is a sedating cream which benefits problem skin. The other benefits of the particular essential oil include countering depression, fear and anger. The fourth cream is rejuvenating Clary Sage/Lavender which is good for mental fatigue and for promoting smiles. The product also eases muscle and nervous tension.

The natural ingredients in the massage creams include olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax. Each has specific qualities which make the product a must-have for professionals giving massage sessions. The cream has a thick consistency, as well as slight resistance to enhance the luxury feel during the massage. There is no water or alcohol included in the ingredient list.

Most creams contain water and include preservatives to maintain consistency and extended use. Preservatives can be hormone disruptors, which can create health problems for massage therapists, who are exposed to the creams for hours daily. The Real Body Works product doesn't use preservatives, so exposure is non-existent.

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