Massage Chairs HQ Publishes Ultimate Head To Head Massage Chair Comparison Chart

Having reviewed a huge number of massage chairs, Massage Chairs HQ has now collated its information into a single comparison review to determine the best massage chair of them all.

Massage chairs offer the pinnacle of comfort and luxury, and for those lucky enough to afford to have one in their homes, they serve not only as a functional item but as a status symbol. Due to their cost however, most people would prefer to buy right and buy once, and choosing the right massage chair can be a difficult decision. To help, Massage Chairs HQ ( has taken their research to the next level and created a definitive comparison review of the top contenders to the massage throne.

The comparison review looks at the top six contenders released in 2014, including manufacturers like Inada, iRobotics and Omega. The chairs themselves are reviewed on a huge variety of criteria, from their design and aesthetics to their functionality and unique features, and perhaps most importantly their prices, which vary hugely between brands.

The review also gives an overview and conclusion on each of the six in editorial form, together with video demonstrations of the chairs in action to ensure that users have everything they need in order to make an informed decision about a purchase. The site even includes links to purchasing portals to ensure once that decision is made, the process is as easy as possible.

A spokesperson for Massage Chairs HQ ( explained, “After reviewing so many products in their own right we discovered that even we didn’t know which one we felt would be an outright winner after producing all of our content, so we decided to create direct comparisons to help us crown a winner for 2014. The reality was more difficult, and we had winners in a variety of different categories. By presenting our work up front and openly, users can decide which factors affect their own decision making process to the greatest extent, and decide on that basis, as all of these top six are outstanding machines.”

About Massage Chairs HQ: Massage Chairs HQ is an online resource center committed to providing in depth, insightful and independent reviews of massage chairs for the home or business user. The site is regularly updated with reviews and even includes comparison charts pitting top contenders against one another to help people narrow down their decision making process.

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