Masonic Supply Shop Introduces Their Line Of High-Quality Regalia And Supplies

There are millions of Masons around the world. See how the Masonic Supply Shop is equipping them with all of the high-quality regalia and supplies they need at

According to statistics published by The Masonic Service Association of North America, there are more than 1 million Master Masons in the United States alone. Many influential politicians and public figures past and present belong to the organization, and it has grown greatly in recognition over the years.

It is with this information in mind that the Masonic Supply Shop is introducing their line of high-quality Masonic regalia and supplies. They are proud to have the opportunity to serve Brethren all over the world by meeting their need for blue lodge aprons, collars, gavels, and other Masonic materials. The team at Masonic Supply Shop hopes to become a go-to resource for Masons everywhere.

Mark, a spokesperson for the Masonic Supply Shop, stated “Ritual, tradition, and pride play a significant role in the life of a Mason. The team at the Masonic Supply Shop wants to ensure that our Brethren have access to everything they need to carry out their affairs both in the lodge and in their daily lives. Not only do we carry aprons, jewels, and collars, but we have lodge tools such as gavels, altar cloths, and banners. Members of concordant bodies can also find supplies and regalia for their needs as well.”

As Mark continues, “We also want Masons around the world to know that we can provide them with custom items. For example, our Master Mason woodworkers can engrave initials on personalized gavels. We also have the ability to create custom lodge aprons for Founding Lodges, Centennial and Bi-Centennial Lodges, and all Masonic and Fraternal Organizations. These custom aprons are handmade with the utmost care, and those interested in having them can visit for more information on ordering and delivery time frames.”

“In creating the Masonic Supply Shop, our intention has always been to be a resource for those who need regalia and supplies that are of exceptional quality. We strive to make shopping easy and are always here to help customers who have questions or concerns about a particular product and whether it will meet their needs. We continually look forward to having the opportunity to serve the Brotherhood of Masons throughout the world.”

About Masonic Supply Shop:

Masonic Supply Shop is the premier source for quality Masonic regalia and supplies. From America to Scotland and everywhere in between, the Masonic Supply Shop welcomes orders from Brethren all over the world. Their inventory includes high-quality materials, many of which can be customized upon request from the customer. With a commitment to providing only the the best customer service, Masonic Supply Shop seeks to serve the community with a sense of pride and excellence.

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