Maryland Tenant Lawyer Explains Necessities of Landlord Attorneys

Prince Georges county attorney specializes in tenant/landlord law.

The hit reality-based television program “World’s Worst Tenants” highlights some of the difficulties in landlord/tenant relationships. Most of the time the situation ends peacefully, but there are times when issues arise that are not as cut and dry.

“The television program does not highlight the litigation and eviction processes that can arise from landlord/tenant issues,” said Steve Gordon of Blulo, the company in charge of the Prince Georges County Tenant lawyer Bryon Bereano’s marketing, “but when something like this does happen, Bryon Bereano is an attorney specializing in tenant law.”

Many tenants do not realize but they have certain rights as a tenant. When in doubt about a situation with a landlord or the case of a real issue, it is best to contact an attorney for an initial consultation.

“Bereano is familiar with Maryland law, Prince Georges county courts and many of the judges as well. You can be assured that if you have a problem with a tenant or landlord, Bereano will fight for you and your family’s best interests,” said Gordon.

The Bereano firm has a single, flat rate for its services. This means no hidden fees or surprises for clients. There are no additional costs for additional court appearances or multiple cases on the same property. “Since so many of the counties in and around Prince George’s vary in rules and procedures, you will need an attorney who is familiar with them all. Byron Bereano is that attorney,” said Gordon.

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