Marriage Passion Launches 6-Step E-Book To Help Troubled Couples Save Their Marriages

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Melissa Cruz launches new marriage guidance based on her real life experience intended to preserve the sacred union and reconnect individuals who have grown apart.

Statistics vary, but the most alarming reports indicate that almost half of marriages now end in divorce. For some this is unavoidable, but many see it simply as the easiest option when they feel a marriage has spun out of control. For those who feel unable to change things, advice and guidance can be invaluable in changing that outcome and reconnecting people who once loved one another enough to commit to a life together. Marriage Passion is the passion project of one such couple, who managed to save their marriage on the brink of divorce through taking a proactive approach.

Melissa Cruz, the site’s author, writes a regular blog offering informal marriage counseling, the site covers issues around intimacy, marriage, rekindling romance, how to deal with separation and how to find love once lost. The advice given is frank and engaging, with an emphasis on taking action. Melissa claims that she had to fight to save her marriage and urges other women to fight as well.

In order to give them the tools they need, she has developed a six stage guide to saving marriages that aims to enlighten and empower people who feel their union is worth fighting for. The guide is freely available to all and breaks down the process of identifying problems and challenges, communicating with a partner about them and taking steps to overcoming, renegotiating and rekindling the love that once was.

A spokesperson for Marriage Passion explained, “Melissa and Jon faced extraordinary challenges but they overcame them, and sometimes just knowing its possible is all some people need to begin the fight that will save their marriage. Melissa goes further to explain how to save your marriage; they turned their problems around and codified a strategy guide that unlocks the secrets of re-establishing communication, empathy and love between couples.”

About Marriage Passion: Marriage Passion is a help and advice site run by a husband and wife who overcame difficulties in their own marriage and wish to share the techniques they used for conquering those challenges with people who now face a similar situation. The site offers advice and guidance as well as a six step guide to saving or even simply improving a marriage.

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Name: Melissa Cruz
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