Markhoff & Mittman Attorneys Comment On New York’s Broken Subway System

The attorneys at Markhoff and Mittman express their concerns about the issues with New York's subway system.

According to the Regional Plan Association, the funds that have been designated for keeping the New York Subway System in good repair over the last few years have been substantially lower than they should be. As a result, the subway system in New York has begun to exhibit unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

The transit system is no stranger to disaster. Floods, track fires, and derailments have resulted in injuries to thousands of transit workers and passengers. Recently, in the fall of 2015, a train derailed after a subway wall, which had been deteriorating for some time, collapsed onto the track. Danger also comes in the form of overcrowding at stations – a condition which results in victims being pushed onto the tracks or violence erupting due to the invasion of personal space. Even employees that work in the token booths aren’t safe with an increase in attempted robberies.

After the 2015 crash, the Transit Workers Union Local 100 President John Samuelsen said, “The system won’t fix itself and for the sake of New York’s working families, the City must address this unfunded liability.” Both he and many others have claimed that the current system is falling apart so quickly that it will soon resemble the subway of the 1970’s, a time when the MTA described it as “near collapse” and accidents frequently involved engines dropping completely out of cars and wheels detaching at random.

Despite safety measures taken by the MTA, accidents are still occurring with shocking regularity, often leaving victims with injuries that are life changing and career ending.  Many of the victims and their loved ones have made the decision to pursue legal action against the MTA in order to recover compensation for their losses.

To learn more about the legal options available after having been injured on the NY transit system, contact an attorney at The Disability Guys by calling (866) 205-2415.

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