Marketpro9 launches platform allowing enterprises to manage crypto assets; unveils MKC tokens

Marketpro9 has launched a platform that enables enterprises to manage and invest their crypto assets seamlessly, securely, and intuitively.

"The platform allows businesses to easily manage their crypto assets through an enterprise-grade platform with a suite of crypto banking and Decentralized Finance (Defi) management tools," Jonas Rebecca, its Chief Technology Officer, said in a statement.

It is the first of its kind to bring efficiency, security, and flexibility to deposited crypto assets while creating a bridge for corporate organizations to communicate with the Defi network while remaining compliant with licensing and regulatory requirements.

Jonas said the platform achieves this by offering a diverse suite of cryptocurrency banking, transactions and payments services that can be accessed through a central, user-friendly console.

"The console is the control panel for the system and provides the monitoring and management of customers, their wallets, and all other crypto assets associated with the company in one place," Jonas said.

Marketpro9 is the first enterprise-class asset management platform built on blockchain and has e-wallet native applications.

One of the top services offered by Marketpro9 is providing an enterprise banking gateway that allows businesses to manage their daily activities and spending sources seamlessly. This tool supports payment and transfer of digital assets.

Meanwhile, Jonas said the platform enables Defi vault assets, which offers a multi-signature business wallet that acts as a Defi vault to manage and invest crypto assets securely.

Its enterprise-grade surveillance wallet provides a secure bridge and integrates into Defi applications such as Uniswap.

By accessing this feature, users can access a centralized comparison console of available investments in the Defi ecosystem, potential returns, and deploy the assets.

Jonas stressed that the enterprise platform also boosts governance and security, allowing businesses to participate securely in a way that meets their security, compliance, and regulatory needs.

MKC token is the native currency of Marketpro9. The MKC tokens inhabit the Tron BlockChain, with a total supply of 80 million. The tokens are minted once and administered by a special smart contract.

Jonas said by engaging in advertiser campaigns like participating in airdrops or buying IDO MKC tokens, surfers can earn points in exchange for MKC.

MKC tokens are used as rewards for liquidity mining, fee pay network, manage a project, and network access license.

In a bid to lead the Defi trend, MKC Token's growth potential is up to $50, with its starting price at $0.25.

"MKC Token is deployed in the form of IDO in many different rounds, with each round lasting 15 days. The price increases by $0.05 per round.

"Therefore, quickly own as many MKC Tokens as possible at a time," Jonas pointed out.

The company is led by Jonas Rebecca, its Chief Technology Officer, who brings extensive experience in cloud technology solutions.

Fintech expert Daniel Meyer serves as the company's Chief Finance Officer, while Hilary Bosch serves as a data analyst. Jacob Shjol works as Marketpro9's blockchain development manager.

The team said it is unlocking the Marketpro9 Core technology via an API to enable third-party developers, partners, and enterprises to leverage enterprise-grade security, customizable governance, and interoperability available for any dApp.

Marketpro9 expects third-party dApps to augment the majority of the network over the next three years by building on top of Marketpro9 Core.

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