Marketing Tips To Build Passive Income Streams Offered offers a series of descriptive articles to help entrepreneurs build a business. The latest article focuses on passive revenues and how to expand them.

The latest blog article on online business by Pierre Charles features a description of passive income sources and benefits. The article defines the ten best sources of this type of income and several ways to really make the concept work for an entrepreneur. Passive sources of revenue are those which do not depend upon direct sales or services performed. The money keeps coming in without much direct attention. The author makes suggestions about the use of the income sources which can be easily applied and gained.

Included in the blog article are specific tips about income sources which require minimal effort on the part of the business owner or individual. Some of the tips which are explained include becoming an affiliate marketer, using websites such as or Ebay; or write an outstanding and evergreen) eBook. The actual writing can be done by hiring a freelancer to take care of creating the project. Once created, the e-book requires only minimal promotional efforts. Creating online courses is another approach similar to that of writing a book.

Creation of a blog is another way to build an income source. A blog which gathers a following can be used to sell appropriate advertising space. As others look to the blog for information, the companies want their products and services to show on the same pages. The money earned can be minimal or can grow to be a significant source of income.

While the term “passive” is used, some work to get the process started is always required. The author encourages that the proper foundation be built so that a steady stream of cash is coming into the bank account. Some extra savings to take care of day-to-day needs will provide peace-of-mind. Creating a budget and sticking to it is good advice for every individual and household.

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