Marketing Experts Create a Step-by-Step Guide on Getting Google+ Reviews

Dr. Randi I. Ross and Dr. Alan Weinstein created Google+ In 10 Minutes to simplify the process of learning Google+ Hangouts. The combination of tutorials, learning videos and flow charts enables anyone to master Google+ Hangouts in less than 10 minutes. Now learn how to get Google reviews using this great program.

Google+ In 10 Minutes, is a step-by-step guide on how to do a Google+ Hangout. This program is the brainchild of Dr. Randi Ross and Dr. Alan Weinstein. They took every Google+ Hangout program they could find on the internet, only to discover that all of the programs were confusing and time-consuming. Dr. Ross and Dr. Weinstein decided to put something together to simplify the process of using Google+ Hangout as a marketing tool for any business.

Co-Creator, Dr. Randi Ross, has been the host of her own weekly Google+ Live Hangouts on Air show for almost two years. An authority for the last 25 years on building relationships to grow any business, her weekly show has attracted guests from all levels of business expertise. Her unique ability to turn complex technology into simple, easy to follow teachings makes Dr. Ross the perfect person to create this amazing learning experience.

Her partner, Co-Creator Dr. Alan Weinstein, is probably one of the most recognized faces on Google+ Live Hangouts on Air. He has personally started or participated in over 1000 Hangouts. Dr. Weinstein was one of the first people to monetize Hangouts by charging admission to attend one of his Hangouts. He was also one of the first people to sell advertising promotions on his Hangouts. Dr. Weinstein is often seen as a regular guest on Alex Mandossian’s weekly Marketing On Line Hangouts, as well as a guest host for Alex when Alex is on the road.

Google+ In 10 Minutes comes complete with step-by-step videos, transcriptions of the videos, MP3 audio files, notes and easy to follow flow charts, all included in an 85 page downloadable manual with built in links to all the materials, making it the ultimate Google+ Hangout user friendly guide. Google+ In 10 Minutes can be used as a reference guide to get a beginner or advanced Google+ user up and running in 10 minutes or less. The program teaches everything from how to get a Google email address to how to make money using Google+ Hangouts. Google+ In 10 Minutes is full of useful tips that have the potential to significantly improve the everyday use of Google+ and Google+ Hangouts on Air for work or pleasure.

The content included in the reference manual is the most up to date available, at the time of its production. However, it is the nature of Google and all internet based platforms to continually make updates without notification. This reference manual is comprehensive enough that any changes made by Google in Google+ and Google+ Hangouts on Air will be easy for the reader to adapt to.

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