MarketersMEDIA Puts Vertical News Network To Test

MarketersMEDIA sets out to experiment on the performance of the Vertical News Network in improving search visibility for its press releases.

MarketersMEDIA, a leading press release distribution company sets out to test their latest addition of a new distribution network, Vertical News Network (VNN) before making the decision to include VNN in their press release distribution service.

The test involves distributing a press release with the keyword - vnnmediareach which will be anchored to VNN’s homepage and distributed solely to VNN’s 198 authoritative sites.

“It’s not just about adding another 198 authoritative sites or expanding the reach of audiences, what VNN promises is the right audiences within their sites,” said Daniel Tan, the Founder of MarketersMEDIA.

“However, our aim is to also help our clients improve search visibility, hence we would like to see if distributing our press releases to the VNN sites are going to increase ranking and search visibility for our clients, apart from gaining audiences from their sites.”

MarketersMEDIA and VNN have been in partnership for the past six months and before making the next move, MarketersMEDIA Founder Daniel Tan would like to put VNN to the test in order to see if their links are actually effective and beneficial in terms of search engine rankings.

“So far, our customers are loving the distribution to VNN. We have even won a sizeable amount of customers from our competitors who don’t have VNN in their distribution network,” added Daniel.

Vertical News Network, otherwise known as VNN, is an emerging media company that operates a wide portfolio of news channels for both targeted and vertically sorted audiences. With 198 authoritative media websites under their care, the network seeks to expand the reach and visibility of any content or press release distributed through their platform.

MarketersMEDIA’s press release distribution service reaches mainstream media including Associated Press, CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Comtex, Factiva, Reuters and 400 more media endpoints. Through singling out VNN this time, the test will prove if VNN sites have what it takes to win an agreement to be included in MarketersMEDIA’s press release network.

“For now, we would see if press releases to VNN media sites are relevant enough for Google to rank a keyword like vnnmediareach to VNN’s own homepage. We will be monitoring the results and perhaps share about them in our follow up blog posts,” added Daniel.

About MarketersMEDIA

MarketersMEDIA is a leading news and press release distribution company that has an exclusive distribution agreements with Reuters. It also distributes timely information to worldwide news and media agencies and outlets including Associated Press, CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Comtex, Factiva, Reuters and 400 more media endpoints.

About Vertical News Network

Vertical News Network, otherwise known as VNN, is a media house that operates a portfolio of authoritative media websites creating premium content for both special interest and broader audience. Their channels are involved in six different verticals including world news, business, science, sports, entertainment, and travel.

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