Marketer Maker Reveals Six Critical Steps To MLM Attraction Marketing Success

Half of all network marketers don't make it past the first year. See how John Wilson's 6 Steps To MLM Success are changing the landscape of network marketing at

According to comprehensive studies conducted and published by Jon M. Taylor, Ph.D., nearly 50 percent of network marketers drop out of their business within the first year. After 5 years, that statistic rises to nearly 90 percent.

It is with these startling statistics in mind that John Wilson and Marketer Maker have revealed their infographic detailing the six critical steps that all MLM representatives need to take in order to achieve success in their business. Both Mr. Wilson and the Marketer Maker website have become go-to resources for network marketers who are looking to find success in the industry.

John Wilson, the creator of Marketer Maker, stated “The simple truth about network marketing is that it can work for just about anyone. Unfortunately, people have been taught that chasing their friends and begging them to buy products or join the company is the way to success. The true path to success for any network marketer is something called attraction marketing, which means attracting leads to the product and the opportunity instead of having to chase them down. This is what Marketer Maker and the 6 Steps To MLM Success are all about.”

Wilson goes on to say, “Our six-step system shows people the power of providing insane value before they ever try to talk to anyone about the business opportunity. This positions them as a leader in the eyes of the prospect. Then, it’s important that they drive traffic to their website and offer and devise a system to keep in touch with the people who visit. We then teach marketers how to make money, even with those people who say no to the opportunity. Finally, we mirror the idea of providing value by giving marketers the help they need to succeed through our free video boot camp.”

“Network marketers don’t fail because the business model is a scam. They fail because they have the wrong information and no real help to be successful. This is where Marketer Maker fills in the gap. Our 6 Steps To MLM Attraction Marketing Success and free video boot camp will help marketers learn how to properly attract leads and convert them effortlessly so they can finally get rid of the fear of rejection once and for all.”

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The fanatical mission of Marketer Maker is help the discontented but eager network marketer to easily build their business online, to help them grow it without the horrors of home meetings or the dread of cold calling, and to help them generate endless leads on autopilot and then convert those leads effortlessly. John Wilson, a home business entrepreneur and mentor and the creator of Marketer Maker, believes that this is a possibility for any network marketer regardless of their experience or success to date and is passionate about helping them achieve this reality.

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