Market Samurai - The Elite Blogger’s Secret Weapon

Market Samurai is a cutting edge tool that provides a clear picture to internet marketers about the profit potential of keywords within niche markets. No longer should bloggers have to depend on inaccurate statistics.

Everyone are living in a digital age where information has become the number one commodity and blogs are now more than ever playing a huge role in the dissemination of information. They are literally giving the old channels of communication a run for their money.

Bloggers have now been embraced by the media and society as people who play an important role in the transmission of information, and some have gone a step further to monetize their blogs and in so doing, make a ton of money.

However, despite there being millions of blogs on the internet, only a handful of bloggers have been able to “crack the code” and rake in millions of dollars right from their blogs.

These elite bloggers represent the 1% in the blogosphere and they’ve been able to monetize their blogs by either turning their blog readers into loyal customers or their traffic into residual income e.g. via Google AdSense and the like.

One of the tools out there that is common among many of these elite bloggers is Market Samurai; a keyword research tool by Noble Samurai that helps bloggers and internet marketers laser-target high-traffic, high-profit, low-competition markets with devastating accuracy.

This is why they’re able to continuously dominate the search engines and get loads of traffic to their blogs which they then capitalize on.

While the rest of the 99% of bloggers and internet marketers are busy using inaccurate tools for their keyword research, the elite group of bloggers and internet marketers are busy using Market Samurai to pick the most profitable keywords for their respective campaigns.

This is why the 1% of elite bloggers are dominating over the 99%, just because the latter are busy using “shiny” defective tools that deceive them into using wrong keywords that are neither searched for nor profitable.

The main reason why Market Samurai is a trusted tool for keyword research among the elite bloggers is because it helps them uncover “golden keywords” that meet the four “golden rules”. These are:

In short, Market Samurai helps bloggers uncover keywords that:
-Are relevant to their niche
-Have significant searches in a day, week or month
-Have acceptable levels of competition
-Are highly profitable in terms of AdWords Cost Per Click

In addition to keyword research and analysis, Market Samurai has 7 other features that aid bloggers in online marketing. These include:
-Rank Tracking-Helps in knowing where one stands in the search engines.
-SEO Competition Analysis- Helps in assessing one’s level of competition in the search engines
-Domain Analysis- Helps in locating good domains to purchase.
-Blog Monetization- Helps in commercializing a blog e.g. through Ad generation.
-Content Scrapping- Helps in finding articles that are relevant to one’s niche.
-Auto-posting- Helps in publishing content to one’s blog(s).
-Promotion- Helps in finding high quality backlinks for published content.

It’s evident given the above information that Market Samurai is indeed what separates the “elite” from the “masses”.

Blogging at the end of the day is about targeting the right niche and using the right keyword research tool. Doing it any other way is suicidal to one’s online future!

About Noble Samurai:
Noble Samurai is a company dedicated to developing and improving all elements of the market research process. They build and develop cutting edge applications to slash market research time and deliver genuinely useful marketing information to internet marketers through easy to use software. Their cutting edge software provides internet marketers with a clear picture concerning the earning potential of keywords inside niche markets. No longer do marketers have to put up with big 'gaps' in data and make educated guesses with indirect statistics. Noble Samurai is built on the back of years of Internet Marketing experience.

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