Mark White Galleries Announce New Sculptures By JD Hansen

Mark White Fine Art & Mark White Contemporary Art welcomes compelling new artist JD Hansen.

Mark White Fine Art on Canyon Road and Mark White Contemporary Art in the Railyard District announce three new sculptures in bronze from JD Hansen. Titled, “Best in Show,” “Grey Street” and “Birdman” the new gallery additions are true to the sculptor’s style with simple semblances of human and animal forms.

About her work Hansen says, “The sculptures are made to have a strong silhouette that can be seen from across a room, similar to the way a person can be seen. It is only when you get closer that you will begin to see all of the subtleties that genuinely define a person and their depth of being.”

Hansen is presently inspired by nature and quantum physics and explains, “There is always an underlying theme of human nature and emotion. I use body language a lot to express these subtle cues that are so prevalent yet so easily missed in our daily lives. Being aware of someone and what they are expressing through ways other than speech is important to me in life as well as art.”

Hansen has received a considerable amount of recognition over the past several years in the form of numerous articles and national publications. She is also well represented by galleries across the United States. The sculptor’s inimitable works in bronze have caught the attention of collectors worldwide, and Mark White Galleries is pleased to show her work.

Mark White Galleries invites art enthusiasts and collectors to view these new pieces as well as the nine other works by JD Hansen. For questions, please contact Gallery Director, Charles Veilleux at 505-982-2073.

Contact Info:
Name: Charles Veilleux
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Organization: Mark White Galleries
Address: Mark White Fine Art, 414 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-982-2073

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