Mark White Debuts Patriotic Sculpture Series “We”

An online gallery of Mark's new “WE” series is on display now at Mark White Fine Art and Mark White Contemporary Art.

Mark White's ( latest sculpture series started with a pile of scrap metal. The Santa Fe gallerist, painter and sculptor is constantly manipulating metal, and one day he struck upon a new way to craft a human figure from leftover steel bars. The little sculptures have since multiplied exponentially, and in late March White is launching the ever-expanding series under the democratic moniker “WE”.

The first WE sculpture was a single figure, but White soon paired up the 14-inch-tall metallic folks to add an element of interaction. “I found that a little tweak in the direction of the head or a slight bend in the arm could change body language so much,” the artist says.

In “WE- Dance”, a couple twirls around each other. “WE- Sit” shows two figures leaning against each other. White's favorite is “WE- WHEEE”, which shows a joyful duo throwing their hands up in celebration. Most of the WE sculptures are small enough to fit in one's hand, but White has also produced several life size figures for the project.

The name of the series is also a reference to the Preamble to the United States Constitution. Each WE sculpture comes in an edition of 99, and many of them represent common values that we share as Americans. The whole multitude is a symbol of the great diversity of our nation.

“I knew that there was an association between 'We The People' and my kind of art, some of which is a very populous-based art,” White says. “It's a matter of simple sculptures, sincere people.” With the series launch, White is taking the opportunity to give back to the people as well. Part of the proceeds of select sculptures will go to related charity causes.

Because each WE sculpture is a limited edition, there's no end in sight to the concepts White is dreaming up for pieces. He's working his way through the Preamble to the Constitution phrase by phrase, reflecting on concepts like “a more perfect union”, justice and liberty.

The “WE” sculpture series is on show at Mark White Fine Art on Canyon Road and Mark White Contemporary Art in the Santa Fe Railyard district. Please contact Charles Veilleux at for more information.

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