Mark White Contemporary Art Hosts ‘An Evening With the Artist,’ Featuring Palo Klein Uber

Mark White Contemporary Art Gallery in the Rail Yard Art District in Santa Fe celebrate festivities with London Artist Palo Klein Uber July 26, 5-7pm Mountain Time.

Mark White Contemporary Art in the Railyard District hosts the first ever “An Evening With the Artist,” featuring Palo Klein Uber’s new works. The Festivities will be from 5-7pm MT on Friday, July 26th and will include live music and refreshments. Visitors will have the rare opportunity to meet Uber, who will be in from his London studio, and see the man behind the vibrant abstract collection. Uber and Mark White Galleries were recently featured in The Santa Fean magazine and the article reads, “Using fractured brush strokes of lucent acrylics on panel board overlaid with intricate layers of French crayon, London-born Palo Klein Uber, who travels between his homes and studios in the U.K. and New Mexico, celebrates what he calls life’s ‘common object’ – a coffee cup, a chair, a sandwich.” Uber boldly directs the viewer’s attention to the everyday, the easily forgotten, for it is in these inanimate objects that the artist finds simultaneous wonder and delight. He takes the time to examine the things that are so quickly dismissed, like a slice of room temperature, uneaten meatloaf or a lone scoop of rapidly melting ice cream.

About his work, Uber says, “To invoke a contemplative examination of daily objects and their form is my final objective, no longer dismissing the most common or mundane object. I perceive all objects and forms in layers. This has been the primary fundamental for my art for nearly forty years.” Uber’s perception of all objects as layered and therefore, complex is both out of the ordinary and refreshing. It’s as though he’s saying, "Wait, why don’t you just slow down and see the magic present in every day life!" The philosophy behind Uber’s outlook is that the everyday, easily forgotten objects, like a jar of marmalade or an old chair, are the very things that make life wonderful. "Imagine a piece of dry toast without the zest and sweetness of orange marmalade on top, or imagine working at a desk all day without the rest-inducing, calming presence of a chair beneath you." He presents a good point.

Uber further explains his intention, saying, “As an impressionist, it is my attempt for my viewers to increase their consciousness with regard to the most mundane and simplistic objects they ‘rely on’ within their daily activities.” Uber’s works remind us that life is meant to be enjoyed, appreciated, even paused. People move so quickly, rushing about from task to task and place to place, barely taking a moment to breathe, savor food, and simply take comfort in the things that make life, life. Mark White Contemporary Art is thrilled to host Palo Klein Uber for the first “An Evening With the Artist” event. Attendees will have the opportunity to put into practice the things Uber calls viewers to do through his art. Come and listen to live music, take the time to savor the refreshments, and of course, enjoy the feast for the eyes: Palo Klein Uber’s new works.

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