Marine Essentials Introduces Argimax Mist, an Oral Spray that contains Arginine

Argimax Mist is an oral spray by Marine Essentials, which contains arginine, a wonder supplement that may boost nitric oxide production.

Marine Essentials, a Chicago, Illinois based company is offering Argimax Mist – a new formula to improve the functioning of blood vessels. The product is available on

Marine Essentials is offering its new product named Argimax Mist to customers across the globe. The oral spray is useful for improving a number of health conditions. It is effective in reducing angina in people suffering with heart issues. In addition, it also improves the functioning of blood vessels.

When contacted, a spokesperson from Marine Essentials said, “Yes we are now offering Argimax. It is available in form of spray and comes with a number of benefits for heath. It supports a healthy heart and improves blood circulation, enhances the brain power and makes the user feel young.” He further added, “We have become a trusted name for offering health supplements and aim to continue with same in future as well.”

According to the sources, Arginine produces Nitric Oxide gas particle that is very important for the overall health and fitness of human beings. A number of studies have confirmed that this gas can help in improving the functioning of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure, boosting coronary blood flow and decreasing angina or other signs that are generally associated with heart problems. A number of people all over the world use Arginine supplements in order to enhance the level of Nitric Oxide in the body.

Marine Essentials is presenting an easy formula for getting Nitric Oxide. The supplement Argimax Mist is available in the form of spray that can be used with ease. It has several beneficial ingredients such as Citruline, Vitamin D, Arginine, Purified Water, Vitamin E, Glicerin, L-Arginine, Polysorbate 80, Hydrochloride, L-Citruline and Vitamin E among others. Users just need to shake the bottle gently and spray the formula twice straight into mouth four times a day.

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