Margot Micallef and Warren Broad Publish Book Revealing How to Deal with Business and Personal scenarios

Business strategist and investor, Margot Micallef and clinical hypnotherapist and life coach, Warren Broad, were the featured speakers on Influencers Radio show, where they discussed the strategies in their new book.

Margot Micallef, a business strategist and investor, and Warren Broad, a clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and addictions specialist, were the featured guests on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. They discussed the strategies they shared in their new book, It’s the Landing That Counts: How to Find Peace, Happiness and Prosperity When Your Life Falls Apart.

Micallef and Broad each deal with crisis from a different perspective. Micallef has personally experienced crisis in the business world and Broad has dealt with personal issues. Their shared perspectives allow them to help people who are in crisis either in business or in life.

According to Broad, “Most of the time, when I first meet an individual, it’s when they’ve hit some sort of bottom. They’ve reached a point in their life where their existing strategies for managing their life or managing their issues are no longer serving them, or are serving them very poorly.

So my job is to help them begin a process of rebuilding. And also have the individual recognize what those issues are and become very aware of them, so that they can make the changes required to rebuild themselves.”

Micallef and Broad assist people who are in crisis deal with emotions, such as fear, confusion, isolation, shame and blame. Micallef states, “The biggest thing is that we feel alone. We feel isolated. We feel that we can’t talk to anyone because nobody will understand. We feel so afraid and so shameful that we don’t know how to move forward. We share our own personal experience so that the reader understands they are not alone. And then we show the reader what they need to do to work their way through what we call free fall and land safely and land well.”

In this interview, Broad and Micallef share examples of business and personal scenarios which can benefit from their strategies. Many people might think their situation is unique, however, the authors point out that the emotions these people are experiencing are common and universal.

“People find themselves then in a place of crisis and they don’t know how to move forward, because they never envisioned the possibility that they might be in a different place. So what we teach is how to deal with the emotions that you’re now going through, to be able to work through your situation, envision what you really want in your life and then find a way to get it,” states Micallef.

The end result might be an outcome that was not originally envisioned and might, in fact, be even better than what had been originally planned.

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