Marcus Kareem Walker Releases His Collection of Books in One Volume on Amazon

Marcus Kareem Walker publishes books designed to help individuals lead healthy lives, using information found in the Bible to cure their illnesses.

According to statistics gathered by the CDC, 36 percent of adolescents and 38 percent of adults in 2011 stated they ate less than one fruit each day. Furthermore, 38 percent of adolescents and 23 percent of adults stated they ate vegetables less than once a day for the same time period. Malnutrition remains a concern in this country, due in large part to an increase in chronic health conditions. In 2012, approximately half of all adults, nearly 117 million people, have a minimum of one chronic health condition, with 25 percent having two or more.

"To help combat this problem, I'm now offering my entire seven book series on understanding disease and how it originates in the body in one collection at a great low price. Health and beauty comes from within, yet individuals fail to remember this. With the help of organic foods, individuals find they can overcome the root cause of these diseases, doing so by working with the body's natural healing process. Individuals who choose to follow this path find their beauty and health shines from the inside out, just as the Bible talks about in the garden of Eden," Marcus Kareem Walker, author of BEAUTY & HEALTH/HEALTH & BEAUTY, declares.

The books cover a wide range of topics regarding HEALTH & BEAUTY. Learn about vitamins, how nutrition plays a role in the development of various illnesses, and the causes of various diseases. Find out how fasting allows for healthy weight loss and how the body has the ability to heal itself. When one understands how all of these processes work together, he or she finds they feel better.

As Walker explains, focusing on one area doesn't work. For optimal HEALTH & BEAUTY, one must understand how all systems in the body work together. When man was created, he was designed to have all parts work as one. When one isn't functioning as designed, the others aren't able to either. With the help of these books, individuals find they begin to feel healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Individuals need to change the way they view life, turning to the word of God to make this transformation and improve their BEAUTY & HEALTH. As Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden, this is how individuals need to live now. With the help of these books, doing so has never been easier.

"When one is healthy and happy, he or she finds God anoints them, and the Holy Spirit works to open the individual's eyes. He or she can go forth and be a blessing to others who haven't learned this truth. God put humans on this earth to lead happy, healthy lives. This collection of books was created to help each person achieve this goal," Walker proclaims.

About Marcus Kareem Walker:

Marcus Kareem Walker strives to put individuals in the role of doctor, by showing how it is possible to learn the natural root of disease and sickness. The foundation for this lies in the Bible, where the word of God begins to transform the way individuals view life, with science backing up this information. The desire is that the anointing of God will touch each reader and the Holy Spirit will open his or her eyes and lead the way for individuals to go forth and be a blessing to others.

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