Maple Grove Dentistry Introduces New Dental Implants To Patients In Boise Idaho

Maple Grove Dentistry has expanded their range of cutting edge health and cosmetic dentistry services to include dental implants for missing teeth, crowns and dentures.

Dentistry is a unique field that combines both medical knowledge and artisanship to create a smile that is not only beautiful but healthy. The techniques used in this discipline have advanced hugely over time, and in the 21st century there are now more options than ever for individuals to perfect their smile. Maple Grove Dentistry in Boise, Idaho is committed to helping people access these latest techniques. The newest service to be introduced is dental implants, which can be used for single tooth replacements, crowns or whole dentures.

Dental implants work by screwing into the jawbone where the missing tooth root once would have been, and using this titanium cylinder to mount a new resin tooth or crown. Several implants can be used to mount a whole row of dentures, hugely improving their fit, finish and resilience. The process uses anaesthetic so it is painless and quick, and enables people to get the best looking solution to a range of dental problems.

The implants are just the latest addition to their cutting edge practices, which include invisalign clear braces for straightening, porcelain veneers for whitening and a range of cutting edge procedures to deal with health issues like impacted teeth, abscesses and more.

A spokesperson for Maple Grove Dentistry explained, “We are committed to leading the field in Idaho dentistry, and dental implants are just the latest procedure to be introduced that revolutionizes the way people deal with age old dental challenges is new and exciting ways. Dental implants have the capacity to hugely improve the quality of people’s smile when they have lost a tooth or teeth, or require dentures. The implants can be molded to fit the shape of existing teeth perfectly, making them indistinguishable from the original set. We look forward to offering this service throughout 2016 and beyond.”

About Maple Grove Dentistry: Maple Grove Dentistry is the practice if Dr. Russell Jensen. Located in Boise, Idaho, Dr. Jensen is a caring and sincere dentist who always puts his patients first, and their oral health is his primary concern. Dr. Jensen’s down-to-earth personality and strong ethical character helps every patient have an amazing experience. His team consists of dedicated individuals who are kind, friendly, and caring.

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