Many Netizens Look Forward to Having a Tour of the Home of Pandas

Internet is in Uproar over the Cutest Job in Chengdu.

Because of pandas, more young westerners get to know Chengdu, a city in western China.

It is said that 548 pandas live in captivity in the world. Of them, 195 are in Chengdu. Therefore, Chengdu is also named the home of pandas. Recently, Chengdu have launched an international challenge at Tiktok to recruit a panda babysitter worldwide. Covering seven countries, i.e. the USA, Japan, Italy, Spain, the UK, Germany, and France, this challenge has attracted netizens throughout the world. According to Chengdu Municipal Tourism Administration’s official account “Pandahome”, the sponsor account of this event, the view counts of this event has exceeded 40 million and netizens have launched nearly 80,000 videos, which has received 3.80 million likes.

According to @Pandahome, everybody in the world may shoot a video of imitating a “panda babysitter” to help a baby panda fall asleep and then upload it to Tiktok. The one whose video gets the largest number of likes will be invited to Chengdu to work as a panda volunteer for one week.

Overseas netizens have tried their best to find some good ideas. Some feed their pet dogs with fruits in order to help the dogs fall asleep. Some imitate a panda enjoying a bamboo. Some hold their pets in their arms. Their ideas are very interesting. Currently, the video of @connor from the UK ranks 1st, receiving 26,000 likes.

Chengdu has also launched some short films to introduce itself during the event. Foreign netizens like them very much. @Avril Rando Martin from Spain says that he loves pandas, China, and Chengdu. @janickins from the UK says that he has a dream of going to Chengdu to visit pandas.

This time Chengdu is popular all over the world because of pandas. Many overseas netizens look forward to having a tour of Chengdu.

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