Man Dies At Scrap Yard In Oswego, NY

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A man was killed while working at a scrap yard when a coworker ran him over with a front-end loader.

A family is mourning after a tragic and preventable accident claimed the life of a 49-year-old man at his workplace.

On June 23rd, 2017, the victim was going about his daily job at a scrap yard in Oswego, NY. He was walking around the yard when another worker, who was driving a front-end loader failed to see him and ran him over. His coworkers immediately called for help but by the time an ambulance arrived, he had already passed away from his extensive injuries.

Scrap yards, although an important part of the recycling process, are known for being a hazardous place to work. Every year, hundreds of New Yorkers are hurt while working in scrap yards because of explosions, accidents involving heavy machinery, slip and fall accidents, loading and unloading accidents, and even lead exposure.

While the police and OSHA frequently investigate accidents like the one involving the front-loader, their investigation typically only results in the requirement for the workplace to enforce new safety measures and fines. No compensation will be given to the victim or their surviving loved ones. Thankfully workers’ compensation exists.

Workers’ compensation insurance is required by employers in New York. When an employer provides this policy for their employees, they are not only protecting the employee, they are also protecting themselves. If a workers’ compensation claim is filed, the employee no longer has the option to pursue legal action against their employer if they’ve been hurt. In return, the employee should receive payments that cover their medical expenses and a fraction of their lost wages if they are unable to return to work.

But despite the fact that workers’ compensation is supposed to be no-fault and easy to claim, more than half of all claims are that are filed are denied, which is why many turn to legal counsel for help.

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