Malwarebytes Surges in Downloads

Today's Top Anti Malware Scanners

Malwarebytes, Spyhunter, and Activeris Malware scanners. See below for more information.

Today’s Malware News:

- Yahoo and Google search results hijacked.
- Russian hackers steal personal information from windows operating systems.
- Sefnit Trojan harvests personal financial information.

Malware Is Commonly Used To:

- Steal sensitive information.
- Gather guarded personal information, such as social security numbers, bank or credit card numbers.
- Identity theft.
- Engage in forms of extortion.
- Assist in network hacking.

If you suspect Dangerous Malware on Your Computer, call Microsoft system anti malware support: 1-855-973-2103 or Access a Free Scan Here

Does your computer run unusually slow, does a security program pop up with an unusual warning, or is your browser navigation sending you to pesky ads? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your computer more than likely has Malware. Malware infection is on the rise and can be lurking on your computer without your knowledge and often leads to potently harmful consequences. There are many products to combat Malware. GoodInstalls reviewed over 15 different products, but suggests that there are only 3 quality products. Their list included: SpyHunter, AntiVeres and Malwarebytes. SpyHunter and Antiveres provide good free scans and repairs. Malware Bytes is good but usually costs $29.99.

Anti Malware Removal Solutions:

Preventing and removing Malware can be very challenging when done without the right tools. It is very important to use well-established companies with a simple utility that scans and removes all Malware types. You can also call for help over the phone. Don't worry, there are several great Anti Malware Tools to help you detect and remove it. The best Anti malware tools to use are SpyHunter, Antivires, and Malware Bytes. These tools will scan your computer and fix all of your problems quite easily. We have provided more information on these Anti Malware tools below.

If you prefer talking to someone who can help you, simply call Microsoft system anti malware support toll-free: 1-855-973-2103.

SpyHunter Free Anti Malware Tool. Rating: 4.5

SpyHunter is the most powerful product that runs in real-time designed to assist the average user in protecting their PC from all Malware threats. SpyHunter provides the user optimal protection with an amazing 24/7 customer support team that works hand-in-hand with the customer to solve any Malware issues you may have, making SpyHunter GoodIntall's first choice where it comes to Anti Malware protection and Removal. "Out of all the products we tested, SpyHunter was the only tool that literally eliminated all the Malware on a users system and it's free unlike Malwarebytes," said Geoff Robinson of GoodInstalls.

Access a Free Malware Scan using SpyHunter Here

Activeris Free Anti Malware Tool. Rating: 4.5

Activeris AntiMalware came in at a close second for the most effective Anti Malware removal tool for removing Malware. Again with a great customer support team, and near perfect Malware protection, Activeris AntiMalware made the cut for the top three Malware protection products on the market. One reason Activeris is better than Malwarebytes is that it is free to scan. Malwarebytes. "It was a tough call between SpyHunter and Activeris AntiMalware, so close that I would call it a tie," stated Geoff Robinson at GoodIntalls.

Access a Free Malware Scan using Activeris AntiMalware Here

Malware Bytes (Paid) Anti Malware Tool. Rating: 4

Malwarebytes is perhaps the most popular Anti Malware tool. However, according to GoodInstalls, Malwarebytes is only ranked third in effectiveness. Malwarebytes is probably the most widely used product when it comes to fighting malicious software. Malwarebytes has great distribution and branding across the web, but ranks third in this review for anti-malware-solutions. Malwarebytes is a good product, but was found not to be as efficient when it came to overall Anti Malware performance. Overall, Malwarebytes is still a considered a great Anti Malware scanner and product. The only issue is that for people looking for a free solution, Malwarebytes costs money. Access Malwarebytes Download Here.

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