Male Oriented Website Highlights Importance of Good Skin Care for Both Sexes

Website launches campaign to explain benefits of good skin care for men.

Research firm Mintel recently examined the male personal care product market and found it has grown 15 percent over the past five years. This industry now brings in $3.9 billion a year and is expected to grown another 13 percent over the coming five years.

"Men understand the importance of appearance and consider the use of personal skin care products to be perfectly acceptable. Grooming is no longer limited to a quick pass with a razor and a splash of aftershave," John Donaldson of Skin Care For Men Explained ( declares.

Men rarely stop to examine their complexion, yet the composition of the skin needs to be taken into consideration when choosing an appropriate aftershave. Aftershave remains of great importance as it conditions the skin while closing the pores to ensure the face always looks its best. Aftershave balm continues to increase in popularity as more men turn to this alternative, one which tends to be more gentle on the skin.

"No matter what aftershave product one chooses to use, the complexion needs to be considered to ensure the product provides the desired benefits. Dry skin needs one product while oily needs another, and this is just one thing men need to take into account when choosing their aftershave product," Donaldson explains.

Soap, another essential part of any skin care routine, becomes overwhelming to many, thanks to the wide range of choices currently offered on the market. Soap isn't just soap, no matter what one believes. Although all soaps work to strip oils and dirt from the skin, some take this too far and strip essential oils and nutrients the skin needs to look and feel its best at all times.

"When choosing a soap, men must consider any skin conditions they have, what scent they desire in their soap (if any), and what price they are willing to spend. Skin Care For Men Explained offers suggestions on the best soaps for men, yet males need to experiment to find one they wish to use every day," Donaldson continues.

All men need a mens toiletry bag to carry their skin care products, yet this product is often overlooked. A good toiletry bag ensures the male has products on hand whenever he needs them.

"Spend the time needed to compare a number of bags, including travel and hanging versions, as a great bag makes grooming easy, rather than a chore that one must get through When one takes care of his skin, it shows in every aspect of life so no male can afford to neglect these basic tasks and Skin Care For Men Explained was created to assist all males in achieving this goal," Donaldson states.

About Skin Care For Men Explained:
Skin Care For Men Explained provides detailed explanations for various skin care topics specifically geared to men, and all explanations are made in plain English to ensure consumers understand them. Skin care products benefit men in a number of ways, yet males often lack any knowledge of these products. Skin Care For Men works to correct this by providing a central location for skin care information as well as a place to clear up common misconceptions so everyone receives the truth about these products.

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