Making Prom Night Great: Says That Skin Care Should Be One Of The Top 5 Prom Preparations To Start Now.

There are steps that need to be taken to get teenagers ready for their big day. According to Kevin Coulter, founder of, these steps need to be started now to ensure a stress free, memorable night.

This years prom is coming up quickly and teenagers need to start getting ready for it. These 5 steps are the key to being prepared:

1) Book appointments, services, and venues now: By booking hair, makeup, nail, etc. appointments well in advance, time can be arranged that work around the teens schedule. They should look for specials. Many hair salons have prom specials, they shouldn't be afraid to ask if there isn't one posted. Same for makeup if someone else is doing it. Different hairstyles and looks should be played around with ahead of time so it's not a last minute decision.

Limos, party busses, venues, and restaurants should be arranged for. All appointments should be confirmed three weeks in advance in case something does go wrong there is still time to find an alternative.

2) When deciding what to wear consider whether it needs to complement what their date is wearing. Clothing should make them shine and feel awesome, and should be comfortable to wear all afternoon and evening. Clothing should also be appropriate to someone's personality so they feel relaxed and natural in it. Feeling ‘out of place' in clothing can really undermine their self confidence.

Start dress shopping and reserve that tuxedo now.

Shoes, especially high heels for girls, should be comfortable. If new shoes are purchased for the prom, they should be worn around the house a few weeks before prom. No one wants blisters on prom day before they even get to dinner.

3) Skin Care: Now is the time to start getting skin ready for prom pictures. Pimples don't look good covered up in makeup. According to Innate Skin, often the cause of acne is deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and by starting now to solve these deficiencies,skin can be clear and glowing by prom night. Taking a product like the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack™ from can help clear up acne and cut down on oily skin which can ruin a photo.

And girls need to make sure that concealers and foundation are smoothly applied and match their skin tone correctly.

4) Decide on a date or a group of friends to go with: If a prom goer doesn't have a boyfriend/girlfriend and they are not sure who to go with, they should go with a group of friends instead. Some of the best times in life will be had with friends, not with a date who they don't really know that well.

Decisions about where pictures are getting done and any pre and post prom events being attended need to be made.

5) How to take a good picture. The following pro tips will help pictures turn out magazine cover worthy:

    • Know where the lighting is and use it. The lighting (including the sun) should be in front of someone or slightly overhead or to the side, but not behind.

    • Know what is behind them and if it will fit into the picture.

    • Smile with the whole face, including eyes, and look natural. Avoid a forced smile look.

    • For girls, tilting the head to the side just a bit gives an angle that is more flattering.

    • They should practice taking selfies weeks before the big event so they can get the best look and smile down pat.

    • Feel confident while having a picture taken.

    • Don't obsess over the pics, pictures are supposed to capture fun moments!

Pictures of prom night will inevitably end up on social media and could even go viral. Teens should make sure they look their best and not do anything that they wouldn't want their grandmother to see a picture of.

And they should remember, above all else, to have fun. When they look back on Prom 10 years from now, they won't remember hair or makeup not being quite right, or the limo not being perfect. They will remember the good (or bad) time they had and the people they were with.

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