Maker of Adventure and Survival Gear Praised for Post-Gym Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Surviveware’s Biodegradable Wet Wipes Recognized by Fitness Buffs and Gym Enthusiasts

Post-gym hygiene is high on the list of concerns for fitness enthusiasts and individuals who are into vigorous physical activities such as biking, running, and weight-lifting. Many offices do not provide shower facilities and locker rooms where sporty employees can freshen up before work. This situation prompts them to skip the suds.

However, this practice can cause several hygiene issues such as body odor, rash, breakouts, and skin irritation. Bodies left unwashed can serve as breeding ground for bacteria and fungus that cause body odor and skin infection. Moreover, the constant presence of dirt and grime can lead to clogged pores and the development of rashes or allergies.

Bicycle commuters share the same dilemma. Without a showering facility in their respective offices, they are left to wonder whether they should give up on riding their bikes or go to work without a shower.

In order to address this concern, Surviveware, a maker of adventure and survival gear, developed biodegradable shower wipes. Each wipes are is formulated to ensure that it can remove sweat and dirt stuck in the skin without leaving any sticky residue. The company’s biodegradable shower wipes are hypoallergenic and enriched with Vitamin E and Natural Aloe which keep skin soft and supple.

While initially created for campers and survivalists, Surviveware’s wet wipes are gaining popularity among the fitness community. The biodegradable shower wipes continuously receive positive feedback from their growing customer base for the non-sticky and fragrance-free formulation. These wipes are economical and easy to use. A pack contains 32 biodegradable wet wipes which are loaded with enough moisture to clean the body with one to two wipes. Surviveware’s wet wipes are also considerably large at 8” x 12”.

More and more fitness and sports enthusiasts are starting to use these wipes. In the following review written by Liz, she shared her experience in using these wet wipes for her lunch break workouts: “Fantastic product. I work out during my lunch break and often don't have the time to do my full shower regiment and make it back to work on time. I'd experimented with baby wipes in the past and always left feeling sticky and smelly. After doing some research, I decided to order these and couldn't be happier. I actually feel clean afterward! No residue left on my body, and no odor whatsoever. Thrilled that I can head back to the office feeling clean and refreshed after a workout.”

Surviveware’s Biodegradable Shower Wipes are now available on Amazon. Take this chance to enjoy any fitness and sporting activity without having to worry about sweating or getting into the shower. Get these wipes today by clicking here.

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