Make your weekend enjoyable and meaningful through My Weekend Plan!

The article introduces what audience could do on weekends and encourage audience to take up short term courses with My Weekend Plan.

What to do on weekends? Watching tv? Go to malls? Hangout with friends? And if you feel that this is your normal routine and want some exciting things to happen in your weekends, go to, an online marketplace of short term classes ranging from cooking, baking, flower arrangement to music, brush letterring and calligraphy!

My Weekend Plan is an online marketplace of lesson providers and students who wants to learn specific crafts in a short while. Classes include cooking, baking, flower arranging, photography, knitting, clay art, brush lettering and nail art. The lessons provided are all structured and prepared by the specific lesson provider at a venue decided by the lesson provider. Contents of classes are also set and prepared by lesson providers and they will be shown to students before interested students sign up for the course. Lesson fees will be decided by lesson providers and enquiries could be made through My Weekend Plan.

Isn’t making your own amigurumi dolls an achievement who may not be good in arts and learning to cook several dishes each week a joy to experience? Fill your weekend time with experiential learning with our lesson providers to not only learn something new but something to look forward to improving yourself each day. Make a change within yourself, learn new hobbies, make new friends, show off your new talents to friends and families. You will be amazed how much you have learnt and achieved during your journey with us. And with our points reward system, you could also enjoy discounts when you sign up for different classes.

Learning new things has never been this easy before with just a few clicks and you are all set to explore something new, something challenging or even something which is fun and meaningful. The lessons are not structured in a way that bear resemblance to academy or school where you will need to pay a huge sum of money to complete the whole course. Well for some people, this might not be fun at all but mere pressure to do well in the course. But in My Weekend Plan, students have the chance to get a taste of how a new experience is like without forking out huge sum of money. Moreover, students will not face undue pressure in doing well in the lessons because they are focussing on the experience and learning, not the result.

So what are you waitng for? Visit My Weekend Plan at now to have a taste of what a new hobby is like. We designed a meaningful weekend for you and now it’s your opportunity to join in the fun!

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