Make No More Errors When Filing IFTA With eTrucks

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If IFTA reporting increases your stress level, do not think twice and use the best IFTA compliance tool available in the market today, i.e. eTrucks. IFTA filing will no longer be cumbersome if you have eTrucks by your side.

eTrucks is one of the best choices for transport businesses to bring transparency in fuel costs and fleet utilization. This ELD integrated solution has so much to offer to your transport business. The software has been a savior for many by letting them save considerable amounts of time, which they wasted creating IFTA reports manually, and yet they were not able to do it correctly. eTrucks can automate IFTA reporting, thereby protecting you from hefty fines that occur due to non-compliance with IFTA.

Computing IFTA taxes is not so easy. Doing it manually can literally cause headaches to managers and truckers. There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered when filing IFTA taxes. IFTA mileage is one of them, and many truckers record it incorrectly. This mistake can prove to be a significant challenge that can lead to penalties and audits as you will be filing inaccurate IFTA reports. If your miles are wrong, you will be computing the wrong IFTA tax. So, all your efforts will go to waste. Moreover, ELD has been made compulsory, so truckers are looking for ELD embedded compliance tools to record every aspect of IFTA reporting efficiently. What other tool can you think of other than eTrucks for this purpose? It is one of the best ELD integrated devices with phenomenal mileage calculating features. The software notifies the managers every few minutes about the location of vehicles and drivers.

eTrucks has been specifically designed to meet the ever-changing IFTA requirements. The software automatically takes care of any changes made in compliance with regulations. Hence, managers can generate accurate IFTA reports in no time. You can even self-audit the reports to make sure everything is correct. eTrucks have also been helpful in driver management. The software can efficiently monitor drivers' behavior and driving style. In case there is something wrong, the managers are instantly notified to take immediate action.

"eTrucks is incredibly easy to operate and saves you a lot of time and money. We no longer need to outsource someone for fuel reporting needs. The software automatically provides all the information readily. All you need is to just log in to the program. It can also provide you access to all the information whenever you need it, so you no longer have to rely on someone for any information.", reviewed by Mike Haese, Seven Oaks Specialized LLC.

One of the remarkable features of eTrucks is its IFTA compliance ability. IFTA refers to the International Fuel Tax Agreement. IFTA enables member jurisdictions to collect and administer motor carrier taxes cooperatively. It allows taxpayers to report only one file for all member jurisdictions. However, it is challenging to maintain IFTA records manually. So, to make sure no errors are made in IFTA reporting, eTrucks is a wonderful solution. The software allows to do IFTA reporting seamlessly, and the data can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

If you are looking for a reliable yet affordable IFTA compliance tool, eTrucks is best as it is available at a mere cost of $15 per truck. ETrucks comes with a 31-day free trial so that users can understand its functioning completely. For more advanced features, one can opt for upgraded versions of the software.

"eTrucks is very easy to operate. I did not feel any difficulty using it. Everything is self-explanatory. I have never thought that IFTA could be done with so much less paperwork. The software is so efficient that I can do fuel tax myself without external help. Earlier, I had to rely on someone professional to do it, now everything can be done more efficiently and in less time.", reviewed by Aitza Acevedo, Continental Refrigerated Transport Inc.

Truckers can save ample amounts of time, money and resources on IFTA with eTrucks. With such a convenient tool in hand, it becomes easy to comply with IFTA. For more information on how you can make your IFTA reporting a smooth task for yourself, please visit

About eTrucks

Axon software, the parent company of eTrucks is a family-run business established in 1982. The company believes in constant innovation and bringing something new in the transport industry and therefore, is a top industry leader in IFTA software.

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Name: eTrucks and Axon Development Corporation
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Organization: eTrucks and Axon Development Corporation
Address: 15 Innovation Blvd #211 Saskatoon State Saskatchewan, S7N 2X8 Canada