Maik Wiedenbach Publishes New Progressive Overload Article For Muscle And Fitness Online

Maik Wiedenbach has published a new article sharing his five-week program for progressive overload on the leading training website

Making progress at the gym seems easy when people first start training, as doing any training will initially bring some gains. Once established however, it is all too easy to plateau, and this frustrates those looking to continue making gains. Personal Fitness Author Maik Wiedenbach is a personal trainer and exercise science professor who understands this acutely, and he has written a five-week program designed to help people achieve progressive overload and break through their limitations so they can enjoy huge growth in strength and muscle mass.

The five-week program takes things back to basics, helping people to understand the fundamentals of what makes for real progress- namely, taking a step back and incrementally increasing the stress placed on the musculoskeletal system, making the muscles work harder than they are used to. Muscles do not grow if they are not pushed to overload, once overloaded with the proper diet and rest the muscles adapt and grow so they can cope with the demand people place on them. Unless they are overloaded again, they will again plateau, so Maik ensures they are progressively overloaded so people enjoy steady and continual gains.

The five-week program has daily exercise routines and prescribed rest periods, with every exercise, number of reps and rest periods outlined in full. Muscle and Fitness even make video tutorials available so individuals can ensure their form is good and they are protecting themselves from accidents and injuries.

A spokesperson for Maik Wiedenbach explained, “Taking things back to basics with an incremental training regime, fundamental exercises and focusing on specific muscle groups on specific days, individuals will be able to refresh and refocus before pushing themselves to new highs. As a professor of exercise sciences, individuals are getting a plan composed with cutting edge expertise from one of the most sought after personal trainers in the business. Maik regularly writers for Muscle and Fitness, and individuals should check back regularly to find his latest contributions, which will help people smash their records and help create the physique they are working so hard to achieve.”

About Maik Wiedenbach: One of the most sought after personal trainers in New York City, Maik Wiedenbach is a world renowned athlete and two-time Muscle Mania Champion. Educated on a swimming scholarship from Fordham University, he holds a double Masters Degree in History & Philosophy and is a member of the Hall of Fame at Fordham University. Fluent in multiple languages including Dutch, English, French and his native German, he is the author of several fitness books as well as an Adjunct Professor teaching Exercise Sciences at New York University.

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