Maik Wiedenbach Publishes New Article Investigating The Effects Of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Maik Wiedenbach has published a new investigation into high fructose corn syrup, busting some of the myths that have developed around it and how fitness fanatics should view the product.

The obesity epidemic in America is worse than most people in the country imagine, and many people are looking to take action against it. As with all crises, many people look for a magic factor or individual who can be blamed for the problem, and right now that is high fructose corn syrup. The sweetener, added to a wide range of foods, has been blamed in the mass media for contributing to obesity. However, fitness trainer and former Olympic level athlete Maik Wieidenbach has written a new article debunking many of the accusations thrown at high fructose corn syrup.
The new article describes the chemical composition of HFCS compared to things like cane sugar, honey and other sweeteners, and finds it comparable in the chemical composition of fructose and glucose.

What’s more, many of the claims about it eating muscle to generate fat also exposed to be patently false. In the hysteria over obesity, many claims have gotten carried away, and Wiedenbach uses the article as an opportunity to undercut these claims and help people focus on what is really important in their diet and nutrition, whether seeking to lose weight or gain muscle.

Maik Wiedenbach said of his latest post, “It’s simply not good enough to scapegoat a problem onto a single contributing factor, and what I’ve done is lay out exactly how high fructose corn syrup stands against other supposedly more natural or organic sweeteners, and how it doesn’t really make a difference to metabolism, caloric intake or overall health in and of itself. When we reduce arguments down to these supposedly scary additives, we diminish our own responsibility for own health and wellbeing, and that is far more damaging. That’s why I’m busting the myths on this, so people start to get a three dimensional view of nutrition and health.”

About Maik Wiedenbach: A two-time World Cup and Olympic-level swimmer from Germany, Maik Wiedenbach founded his personal training business after obtaining his NASM, BSA, and AFPA certifications. Now he is one of the most sought after trainers and nutritionists in Manhattan, as well as a teacher at NYU. Maik is also an established and respected journalist in the fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition industry, with articles published in Muscle and Fitness, Forbes Magazine, LA Times and Craine’s.

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