Mai Vu Offers Tips for Dating as a Single Mom On the Positive Parenting Radio Show

The biggest question single moms struggle with according to Ms. Vu is: “Why do I work so hard, but I’m not getting the love, success, and support that I want? She offers tips for dating as a single mom on the Positive Parenting Show.

Relationship coach and Author Mai Vu provided tips for dating as a single mom, and how to be loved, adored and cherished on the Positive Parenting radio show hosted by Armin Brott. The biggest question that tired, overwhelmed single moms struggle with according to Ms. Vu is: “Why do I work so hard, but I’m not getting the love, success, and support that I want?” The show airs on the top station in San Francisco, and on several other stations in Texas, Utah, and Illinois. It is also broadcast on ¬the American Forces Network; “Positive Parenting for Military Families” reaches American service members and their families on 500+ stations in over 175 countries.

Women look at dating as another thing to do, a chore; especially when they are dating as a single mom. Then when they have a man’s attention they think, “I better work really hard to keep his attention or he will be bored with me.” This creates a lot of stress and insecurities when it comes to dating for women.
What does it take to bring in the cherishing and adoration? Ms. Vu believes that every woman has 3 parts inside us; she calls this the 3Ps™. They are outlined in her recent book, “The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating: How to Be Loved, Adored and Cherished.”

We have the peasant, the hard working woman, who takes care of children, pays bills, looks in mirror and thinks she is too old, too fat, not good enough…that is the peasant approach.
The other 2 parts are so much more powerful and we are often out of touch with them.

The 2nd one is the princess self who knows her birthright which is to be loved and adored. This requires a woman to reclaim her self-worth and sense of knowing who she is. When a man knows a woman needs to find her princess self, that makes the relationship so much juicier. Especially in contrast to the peasant part which is always so hungry, tired, exhausted and overwhelmed. A woman has to recognize these parts in herself and know how to love them.

“Women put everything on the line for everyone else except themselves. That is why it is so important to bring out the princess when dating as a single mom, and let the man treat you like the special woman that you are,” stated Ms. Vu.

Men enjoy treating you as a princess, because it makes them feel like a king; so everyone wins. This is the beginning of being loved, adored and cherished. To listen to the full interview with Mai on the Positive Parenting show visit:

About Mai Vu
Mai Vu shows hardworking divorced moms how to have that great romance, where they are loved, adored and cherished by their man while raising healthy, well balanced children, and rocking their career! Mai calls this Hot Life Hot Love. She is the author of “The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating: How to be Loved, Adored and Cherished now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and the Google Store The first certified Asian Female CoActive coach in the world, Mai Vu came onto the budding coaching world twenty years ago. She has helped over a thousand women live a Hot Life with Hot Love, and has an international following of clients who call her aMAIzing.

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