Magne-Tec Win CFPM Innovation and Technology Award 2013

At the Canadian Federation Of Podiatric Medicine Conference In Toronto In October, Magne-Tec took home the Innovation and Technology award for their work in finding new podiatric solutions.

Joint and muscle pain affects millions of people of all ages, and though it is a persistent problem for so many, it has proven difficult to treat. This presents a particular challenge for podiatrists, who can have difficulty effectively treating conditions like plantar fasciitis and deep muscle strains with anything other than rest. At the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine Conference this year, Magne-Tec sponsored two workshops that saw them bring home the Innovation and Technology award for their new podiatric pain relief and therapeutic technologies.

The two workshops sponsored by Magne-Tec demonstrated the use of Magnetic Biostimulation by Rick Werkman, which uses Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy (PMT) to stimulate circulation and increase oxygen partial pressure, enriching affected areas and used in the treatment of everything from chronic inflammations, diabetic neuropathy, wound healing to managing the effects degenerative diseases.

The second talk was on the use of a fully automated Nail Fungus Laser by Rick MacDonald, which selectively treats infected tissues without affecting undamaged healthy nail to more quickly and effectively eradicate fungal infestations.

These innovations, together with Shock Wave Therapy for deep muscle tissue damage and a host of other technological treatment options, made Magne-Tec the clear winner in the category.

A spokesperson for Magne-Tec explained, “We were very proud to receive this award from the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine earlier this month, and would like to thank our remarkable manufacturers for their tireless work in creating the technological solutions we champion. They are all creating “Best in Class” products founded on evidence based medicine. Buying products from us ensures efficacy and peace of mind for practitioners and satisfaction and relief for their patients. All the new products we showcased at the conference are available now to podiatrists and health practitioners throughout Canada.”

About Magne-Tec:
Magne-tec is a Canadian distributor of medical devices marketed primarily to Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors and Chiropodists. The company prides itself on its association with world-class manufacturers whose product offerings are built on evidence based medicine. Magne-Tec is Canada’s exclusive distributor of the SWISS DolorClast® Radial Shock Wave Therapy system, as well as GBO (previously Siemens) Stereodynator, Magnetic Bio stimulation system by MBS and the innovative Automated Noveon Nail fungus laser.

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