Magic Smiles Phoenix East Publish Video Introduction To Their Colorful Child Friendly Practice

Magic Smiles Phoenix East has created a new video tour of their family dental practice, helping parents and children alike see what the best family dentist in Arizona has to offer.

Dentistry is an essential part of overall health, and it is especially important for children, whose teeth are constantly growing and changing. As a result, it is especially important that parents can get their children seen by pediatric specialists. Magic Smiles is a practice with three branches throughout Arizona (, and specialises in whole family health and cosmetic dental care. Their Phoenix East Branch has just created a video introduction to the practice for potential new patients.

The video ( helps people see how their experience at Magic Smiles will play out through the eyes of young Johnny, a child visiting the practice for the first time. It walks viewers through the outside of the practice and the welcoming waiting room with colorful walls and TVs playing favorite shows, into the hygiene bay where mom can watch from a separate private viewing booth.

The dentists introduce themselves and report the results to his parents, while welcoming him into the no sugar bug club, where children without cavities can feel proud of their teeth. The video concludes with Johnny’s mom booking in his sister and herself, both on the same day, while Johnny plays with his complimentary balloon.

A spokesperson for Magic Smiles Phoenix East explained, “Magic Smiles Phoenix East is pleased to be able to demonstrate for potential patients how their experience will go from the first introduction to scheduling in regular appointments. We felt it was important to demonstrate how patients of all ages interact with our services first hand, so that people can see how stress-free, welcoming and enjoyable the experience is for both parents and children. We hope people seeing this video will understand how exciting it is for children to become part of our No Sugar Bug club, and take pride in their teeth for a lifetime.”

About Magic Smiles Phoenix East: Magic Smiles Phoenix East proudly offer the highest quality of dental care to all residents and visitors in and around Phoenix, AZ. They offer preventative dental care, restorative dentistry, braces, and emergency dental services to people of all ages, from pensioners to one year olds. Open six days a week.

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