Magic Green Coffee Beans Website Launched To Guard Against False Supplement Claims

New review website thwarts attempts to flood Australian market with counterfeit products.

Australia is home to more than 7 million adults who are considered either overweight or obese, earning the commonwealth a spot among the top 10 most overweight countries in the world. As this number continues to grow, the amount of money Australian citizens spend on diet aides is projected to rise proportionally, skyrocketing from the current $292 million estimated by IBISWorld researchers.

As one of the most acclaimed weight loss supplements across the globe, pure green coffee beans are expected to be at the forefront of the country's spending; as a result, manufacturers of counterfeit facsimiles are ramping up efforts to target the Australian market. Steve Newman of Magic Green Coffee Beans has been monitoring this trend for some time and has launched the company's pure green coffee bean extract review to protect area consumers from fraudulent claims.

Said Newman, "In their purest form, green coffee bean supplements have proven to boost weight loss significantly when combined with a reduced calorie diet. The pills, extracts and other products also offer a number of other health benefits. The problem is, many manufacturers add fillers to their products while reducing the amount of the key ingredient needed to make the supplements effective."

Studies indicate the key ingredient in green coffee beans is Chlorogenic acid, which is lost during the roasting process used to create coffee in its most popular form. This component promotes weight loss on 3 primary levels. Acting as an appetite suppressant, Chlorogenic acid helps users feel hungry less often as well as decreasing the amount of food needed to feel full. This facilitates following a reduced calorie diet.

Green coffee beans also help boost the metabolism, increasing the amount of fat and calories burned. While Chlorogenic acid heightens the ability to metabolize stored fat during normal daily activities, these effects are enhanced by increasing activity levels. It has also been found to slow the absorption of fats and sugars from foods and stops the body's production of additional fat. By extension, this supplement also reduces hypertension and blood sugar levels.

Plant phenols present in green coffee bean products help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease; furthermore, this element protects the body from cellular damage, preventing certain types of tumors from developing and metastasizing. Newman noted the dosage needed for this supplement to be effective is 400 mg, 3 times per day, and each pill should consist of at least 45 percent Chlorogenic acid.

Newman concluded, "Our review covers several of the leading brands of pure green coffee beans for sale. We discuss the dosage and Chlorogenic acid content of each supplement, as well as the price and where it can be purchased. Our research has exposed plenty of false claims, and we pass that information along to our readers to ensure they don't waste their time or money on such products. Information will be updated as new issues come to light."

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A website created to separate the pure products from the deceptive, the staff of Magic Green Coffee Beans researches the various green coffee bean supplements on the market and passes their findings along to the public.

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