Mad Meerkat NFT is minting on Cronos chain on the 5th of December

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Mad Meerkat, an exciting launch that carries simple goal to showcase our artist’s great artwork to the world

Mad Meerkat NFT launched on the Ethereum blockchain in Early Nov 2021, inspired by the cheeky nature of the lovable rogues. The team hopes to introduce fellow crypto enthusiasts to the beauty of NFTs, and the project will serve as a cross chain integrated resource educational platform in providing utility, knowledge and art.

The project is now aiming to build an even larger community and is releasing the Mad Meerkat (CRO) on the Cronos(CRO) chain. All ETH Mad Meerkat holders are automatically whitelisted for the CRO Mad Meerkat release and able to get it at a discounted price as well, demonstrating one of the many perks of holding a genesis ETH Mad Meerkat, amongst many things such as free airdrops. Minting of the CRO Mad Meerkat NFT with excellent will start on the 5th December, 1pm UTC.

CRO Mad Meerkat holders will benefit in many ways. A key utility is that users will be able to stake tokens for increased yields in an exclusive partnership with CrocSwap, an Automated Market Maker (AMM) which provides a liquidity pool for users to stake liquidity on certain coin pairs to earn a certain percentage of yield everyday. This incentivises holders to hold on to their Mad Meerkat and not immediately sell them for a short term gain.

In addition to that, the team will also provide users with cross-chain utility and educational analyses of projects, which then comes together to form an integrated resource. Holders are able to gain access to utilise the platforms with Mad Meerkat to expand their crypto knowledge, on top of the brilliant artwork collectibles they will be receiving.

The process of minting a Mad Meerkat is very straightforward. All the user needs is to have the extension on their browser or application on mobile. By sending Ethereum or Coin from exchanges to the Metamask wallet or purchasing via Wyre , users will be able to top up their wallets for purchase. Once the users have connected the wallet to the website, they are able to purchase the NFTs in the mint section. Users have to prepare extra tokens as there will be a small fee associated with every transaction performed. The Meerkat NFTs will then be viewable in the website gallery, and on marketplaces such as Opensea (For ETH Mad Meerkat) and Ebisusbay (For CRO Mad Meerkat).

Here are the minting details:

Mint Date: 05 Dec 2021, Sunday
Mint Time:
Presale 1 (ETH Mad Meerkat Holders) : 1.00PM UTC. Price: 199 CRO
Presale 2 (Exclusive Partners): 1.20 PM UTC. Price: 249 CRO
Public Sale: 1.45 PM UTC. Price: 299 CRO.

For those who are interested in this project should follow @MadMeerkatNFT on Twitter or join them on discord to get more information about this NFT release!

About Mad Meerkat

The conceptualization of the Mad Meerkat NFT began six months ago when a team of 6 people wanted to bring the artist's great artwork to the NFT community. Since then, the team has evolved into a project that is one of its kind with cross-chain utilities such as staking, promoting education and collecting great artwork. The main goal is to give the community members what is best for them, and build a closely-knitted family!

Contact Info:
Name: Chris
Email: Send Email
Organization: Mad Meerkat
Phone: 920-350-6001

Release ID: 89055427

Name: Chris
Email: Send Email
Organization: Mad Meerkat