Mad Grit Launches New Electronic Sport Ear Muffs For Better Hearing And Ear Protection

Mad Grit discusses why outdoor enthusiasts should try the all-new ear muffs for more than just the shooting range and hunting season.

Mad Grit, a sports and outdoor product company, has launched its latest product this week, the Mad Grit Sport Electronic Ear Muffs. Brett Gibson, founder of Mad Grit, commented, "We started designing this set of noise cancelling ear muffs with our outdoor customers in mind. But we wanted to not only create a product that is quality and affordable, but also versatile. These earmuffs work not only for hunting and shooting ranges, but can be used for any outdoor activity or event where one might need ear protection."

The Mad Grit Sport Electronic Ear Muffs feature duel microphones and volume controls, a 1/8 in. (3.5mm) input jack, independent circuits which offer stereo sound and precision controlling of sound. The ear cushions are made with soft ear foam cups for comfort allowing them to be worn for extended periods of time. The outer ear muffs camouflage pattern and color is specifically designed for to blend with the outdoors. The premium lightweight ear muffs have an adjustable band to fit men, women, boys, girls, and most young children. The band can easily adjust to the correct ear position perfectly and will cover your ears properly for premium sound protection. The electronic shooting earmuffs have a OSHA NNR Rating of 21dB to muffle all loud sounds over 85dB (decibels).

"If you know you're going to be somewhere with loud noises, selecting the right hearing protection is very important. We recommend our earmuffs for activities like hunting, shooting, clay shooting, construction work, Nascar car races, monster truck rallies, concerts, airplane jet shows, and even camping. This product is a healthy and comfortable way to enjoy activities while taking the necessary precaution to avoid the hazardous affects that extremely loud sound can have on ones ears.", commented Gibson. The Mad Grit ear muffs also come with the free soft shell case that can easily accessed with convenience anytime, anywhere to encourage long lasting adventure with the 200+ hours of battery life.

The Mad Grit noise cancelling ear muffs block dangerously loud impulse noises over 85 dB, such as of gunfire, but still enables the user to hear people speaking at ordinary volumes or in low tones. For instance, when sound levels in a surrounding area are acceptably low, that sound is picked up by the built-in stereo microphones mounted outside the ear cups, amplified by the earmuffs’ 3x amplification ability, and delivered to the inside of the ear cups electronically, reaching ones ears at a safe and comfortable volume. On the contrary, when a sound approaching unsafe levels is detected, amplification circuitry automatically switches off. Then noise cancelling circuit then allows normal--or better than normal—hearing while blocking high frequency sounds.

Gibson has been receiving positive feedback about the hearing protection ear muffs, "We excited to be receiving lots of positive feedback since the Electronic Ear Muffs launched. We're working hard to make the best products possible and are always looking for ways to improve them. We love hearing custom feedback and appreciate the support of our loyal customers."

The Mad Grit Electronic Sport Ear Muffs are available on and comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

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