Mad Grit Introduces All New Ultimate Electronic Shooting & Hunting Ear Muffs

Newly designed premium sport ear muffs offer versatile hearing protection for outdoors enthusiasts.

Mad Grit introduces its all new product, the Mad Grit Ultimate Electronic Shooting & Hunting Ear Muffs. Brett Gibson, Founder of Mad Grit, commented, "We wanted to create an outdoor product that is versatile and designed this set of noise cancelling ear muffs with our customers in mind. These earmuffs work not only for hunting and shooting ranges, but can be used for any outdoor activity or event where one might need ear protection."

The Mad Grit Ultimate Electronic Shooting & Hunting Ear Muffs are ultra lightweight and feature duel high frequency microphones on each side. This provides premium sound quality, speech clarity, hearing protection and sound enhancement while still enabling the user to hear people speak at ordinary volumes or in low tones. There are four independent volume controls, amplifying sound up to a normal hearing level with two microphones which allows for true stereo sound. Wind-resistant high frequency microphones make it easy to identify sound and direction. For instance, when sound levels in a surrounding area are acceptably low, that sound is picked up by built-in stereo microphones mounted outside the ear cups, amplified by the ear muffs’ 3x amplification ability, and delivered to the inside of the ear cups electronically, reaching ones ears at a safe and comfortable volume. In addition, a specially designed adjustable headband and high quality memory foam ear cushions allow the user to feel comfortable when wearing the ear muffs for long periods of time.

The outer ear muffs camouflage pattern and color is specifically designed for to blend in with the outdoors. The high quality hearing protection ear muffs have a OSHA Noise Reduction Rating of 25dB (decibels) to muffle and help protect your hearing from sudden or sustained loud sounds. Additionally, the Mad Grit Ultimate Ear Muffs have an Adjustable Frequency Tuning (AFT) for users who prefer ear muffs to tune in specific sound frequencies and custom set their ear muffs to match their individual hearing needs, while protecting them from the harmful affects of muzzle blasts and other loud noise. "If you know you're going to be somewhere with loud noises, selecting the right hearing protection is very important. We recommend our earmuffs for activities like hunting, the shooting range, clay shooting, construction work, Nascar car races, monster truck rallies, concerts, airplane jet shows, and even camping. This product is a healthy and comfortable way to enjoy activities while taking the necessary precaution to avoid the hazardous affects that extremely loud sound can have on ones ears.", commented Gibson. The Mad Grit lightweight ear muffs use AAA batteries for convenience and long lasting adventures in the outdoors.

Selling innovative products has always been part of Mad Grit's mission and the company looks forward to the ultimate electronic ear muffs becoming an important product meeting the needs of outdoor lovers. “As a small company, we are working hard to make sure that our products are quality, affordable and meet the needs of the hunting and shooting enthusiasts. We're very excited for the launch of our new electronic ear muffs and will continue to create outdoor products that encourage people to enjoy the outdoors," said Gibson.

The Mad Grit Ultimate Electronic Shooting & Hunting Ear Muffs will be available on coming this August 2016 with a 100% money back guarantee.

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